• Galaxy Platform - TEASER Release

    LINK - http://www.strykerfusion.com/

    "...No longer will people or businesses need to use countless apps to get things done or researched or managed. Online Web & App Users will be able to trade, communicate, swap, auction, barter, network, promote, showcase, self-publish, pay for, create content, attend events, market, sell, join, find, manage content, transform, entertain, game, make friends, keep in contact, date, express, link up, archive, exchange, upload, collaborate, share, download, personalise and so much more."

    Register your interest for a personal presentation via connection-message to - https://www.linkedin.com/in/clive-ettia

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  • LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast - The 'New SDI' Must Be the SDE — Strategic Defense of Earth

    LaRouchePAC Live
    Streamed live on 25 Jan 2019

    In light of President Donald Trump's call for an R&D program for spaced-based anti-missile defense systems based on new technologies, it is important to recall that, with the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia and the U.S. had serious preliminary discussions on collaboration on such research, not only for strategic defense, but also — and more importantly, for a future world at peace — for the Strategic Defense of Earth against the very real threat of asteroids hitting the Earth. This proposal was revived by Russia in 2011, and is key to creating a new win-win strategic dynamic today.


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  • NY BOOK STORE closes mourning all of the babies that die at the hands of evil democrats in charge were they should not be!

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  • William Barr Update - CIA Operative

    Kevin Shipp
    Published on 22 Jan 2019

    Update on the background of William Barr, nominee for Attorney General.


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  • - The CEC Report -
    Assess bank crash risk: Audit Big Four now / The Battle of Brexit
    18 January 2019

    1. How far gone are Australia's banks? Audit them now!
    2. The real battle of Brexit? Protecting the banks from a Corbyn prime ministership
    Presented by Elisa Barwick and Robert Barwick


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  • A a are they here Anons? Location: Kroger
    What on Earth is that shadow laser thing coming out of the clouds into the explosion? Satellite Laser? Why isthe government trying to destroy power stations? They did this the other week in New York CIty. They also used this same weapon to start the California Wildfires.
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  • The 'Galaxy Platform'

    Simply stated it is the Next Big Thing - bringing together the integration of 1000's of leading functions, apps, cyber-tools into one seamless platform known as the "Galaxy Platform".
    It combines the best of the internet now and many new never before seen innovations, in one simple to use fully integrated e-commerce app platform.

    You know how in today's internet that the social media and search engines collect all of our information to sell and push advertisements you did not request, that many parents are extremely worried about the multitude of online threats to their children, and that so many small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to directly and effectively reach their many customer demographics in a cost effective way with concise analytics to measure the success of their limited advertising dollars.

    What we do is address these and other very serious internet issues to transform your online experience, make the internet truly yours and an experience that you can shape and make work for you, your children and your business.

    As we speak, we are preparing to launch a massive non-partitioned & fully-verified platform, built with adaptive technology utilising AI but applying human interactive control, to ensure your privacy online where you are not viewed as the product, where users are accountable for their behaviour, providing a safe environment for your children to explore the internet and allow you to be a parent online, and provide small to medium sized business incredibly cost-effective targeted, simple and accountable tools to directly market peer-to-peer with their target demographics locally, regionally, and globally; and you have an amazing but limited opportunity to play a role in our launch and enjoy enormous rewards & benefits.

    ~ Direct your communication via your preferred method of contact ~

    Mr. Clive Ettia - World wide Agent for the 'Galaxy Platform'


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  • Final Revelation Intro

    Kevin Shipp
    Published on 3 Jan 2019

    Bombshell information. No former CIA Officer has taken this personal risk. For the Love of Freedom.


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