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  • Hi! My name is Dee and I am a single mum of two beautiful little girls aged 1 and 7 years old. I live in Queensland, Australia, and I enjoy writing, drawing, scrapbooking and many other crafts. I also love being in the rainforest and going shopping. I enjoy many types of different music and I love reading books.
    I hold degrees in Social Science (Human Services) and a Masters of Clinical Counselling. I have worked in many areas with a diverse range of clientele - ranging from children, the intellectually and physically disabled to the elderly. I have counselled many survivors of domestic violence, childhood abuse and sexual abuse trauma.
    I also grew up in a family environment that was dysfunctional and abusive. I suffered all forms of abuse as a child, and as a result of this spent many years in counselling. I also suffer from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD).
    Whilst I've counselled people who have experienced abuse trauma, I discovered many ways to get clients talking and healing from such experiences through subconscious work. This has become a huge interest for me over the years.
    I have also suffered with infertility, multiple miscarriages and a high risk pregnancy - undertaking many years of IVF in order to conceive. I suffer multiple health conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.
    My youngest daughter who is still just a baby also has severe and numerous health issues. She has been classed as disabled by the medical profession. She has water on her brain, is only developmentally half her actual real age, has developmental hip dysplasia in both of her hips and has been braced her entire life, has an autoimmune disease and a possible rare life limiting disease. We do not know if she will ever walk and her speech has not developed - she mainly communicates using sign.
    As a result of all these experiences, my passion in life is to help the hurting people heal. I hope that the many books I become to publish over the years will do just that.

    I also do a lot of blogging on abuse trauma and psychology. I have published a number of books that can be purchased world wide through amazon or by the website link below:

    If you would like to donate - PayPal.Me/deetermhyndsurviva
    All donations are appreciated and will go to enabling my children and I to secure permanent stable housing - and then hopefully - my eventual return to the workforce and counselling people in need

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    If you would like to donate - PayPal.Me/deetermhyndsurviva

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