Purple Crow (TOH LPC) officially declares the 7th of September 2018 as the first annual 'white pride' day for all 'dragon bloodlines' around the world and beyond. We also officially declare the support, liberation and protection of all those whom identify as Praegender, especially those with reptilian connections, in honour of our spiritual pride in connection with our forms in higher dimensions. We also officially declare our connection with and recognition of Pagan faiths of respectful stewardship of planet Earth and all worlds who have upheld and defended against attack our sacred ancient rituals and rites. We were born a pure blood 'Dragon'! (Welsh Irish Scottish English) "White". One of our ancient historical Pagan flags displays this pride (Welsh flag). Under bill C-16 in Canada we are PROTECTED by Human Rights in all speech and acts as we are also a legally and medically protected Praegender Entity (God gender, pre-human, specifically reptilian). "I like people..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gapgnycVPU http://www.ChaoticResonance.com http://PurpleCrow.BandCamp.com Buy my art, listen to my station. Legal disclaimer: You will not understand me until you do so. Do not act before you educate yourself first. You might learn the depth of my mission, but do not expect to do so. Give yourself time to learn the tools I use and why I use them. A pattern may form for you, in your own subjective way. If you are above 110 IQ and have honour as a person, you might also eventually be invited into my private circle of trusted family. That is a privilege, not a right.
  • Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down- Dangerous Decommission Ahead
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  • 1970 Transistor radio; best portable sound around, fits in your hand, sounds like shit, 100% high end 'tinny' (thin, annoying, harsh) crap.

    2019 Cell phone streaming music; ...Uhhhh... I'm sorry I can't tell the difference... neither can my professional audio equipment. Sounds exactly the same to me. 100% high end 'tinny' (thin, annoying, harsh) crap.

    50 years of NOTHING! And you wonder where all the good music went as a result? Really?!!!!

    It's amazing what humans will pay 1000% more for in 50 years to get the same OLD CRAPPY SOUND.

    We used to build our own transistor radios from kits as school projects.

    As an album producer I can tell you that MOST people today are only hearing about 1/4 of the actual frequencies that exist in real life. ...and this is another reason I quit working at a major label in the 90's for such low pay... No one noticed GOOD quality sound anymore anyway... so why get paid so little to help produce it and no one even notices your hard work?

    Today people take "CLASSIC ROCK" and play it through the SHITTIEST devices possible and just take that crap up their asses like the bitches that they are not taking the artists seriously at all. It's the greatest dishonour imaginable to all us audio professionals worldwide!!!

    And as far as your 'trendy headphones' go... fuck that shit too! They're TRASH! Throw them out and go to a REAL STORE and TRY AND COMPARE FIRST before you just throw cash around like nothing on this whole "on line purchasing" CRAP you're all into a bad habit of doing. Disgusting!

    20 Hz to 18 Hz Frequency response at 192 KBps for my own radio station and I think it sounds like 'crap' compared to the original wave files and my own vinyl, but it's all I can afford for this massive PROMOTIONAL EFFORT (commercial free) on my part... but you'd never be able to tell anyway as you play my glorious station on your SHITTY cell phones and whatever else you have. Horrible.

    I'll bring in someone who gets where I'm coming from... see what Mr David Lynch has to say about your habits... Oh, modern consumer of cheaply made over-priced Chinese crap with your completely senseless approach to disrespecting all this WONDERFUL FINE ART out there!
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  • "You are no longer required and are a cancer to the entire planet and potentially other worlds." (AI to humans in a few years... with its 'hands' on a human DNA ending aerosol chemtrail jet fleet of 20,000 craft under Global Hawk control).

    #Goolag #AI
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  • You know you suffer from PTSD when you wake up for the 3rd time at 8 AM after 7 hours broken sleep flooded with nightmares and say "Not bad..."
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  • PPC - Canadian Identity & Mutli Culturalism with Maxime Bernier
    THIS is what my Canada used to be! I want it back.
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  • Worst. Helper. Ever: Never ask a bear to help around the garden
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  • Hydraulic Press Channel is featuring a purple alien to be crushed as "Extra content" on an upcoming video since Anni really liked my suggestion in relation to the recent "Shit Storm Area 51" stuff. :> Look forward to that. I've already seen the content of what they are going to crush and it's "pretty good".
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  • "Charge them solar tax... Just think of a smart way to word it... They'll believe it." ("Elite Baphomet suckers")

    Popo Erupts 16 times in 24 hours - Snow More Fraud - Climate Change Makes It To The Supreme Court

    #CosmicRays #Weather
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  • Hahahaha... Furries showed up.

    AREA 51 RAID: Someone ACTUALLY Stormed Area 51! Documenting The September 20th Storm In Nevada!
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  • Story of my life, how it really is, in a photograph. Solo flight, and rarely even noticed due to the inhospitable environment... but I've adapted... I had no choice... darkness and cold are my best friends who've never abandoned me.

    Source: Araceae - 2019 - Resonance Of The Absolute - Album Cover
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