Purple Crow (TOH LPC) officially declares the 7th of September 2018 as the first annual 'white pride' day for all 'dragon bloodlines' around the world and beyond. We also officially declare the support, liberation and protection of all those whom identify as Praegender, especially those with reptilian connections, in honour of our spiritual pride in connection with our forms in higher dimensions. We also officially declare our connection with and recognition of Pagan faiths of respectful stewardship of planet Earth and all worlds who have upheld and defended against attack our sacred ancient rituals and rites. We were born a pure blood 'Dragon'! (Welsh Irish Scottish English) "White". One of our ancient historical Pagan flags displays this pride (Welsh flag). Under bill C-16 in Canada we are PROTECTED by Human Rights in all speech and acts as we are also a legally and medically protected Praegender Entity (God gender, pre-human, specifically reptilian). "I like people..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gapgnycVPU http://www.ChaoticResonance.com http://PurpleCrow.BandCamp.com Buy my art, listen to my station. Legal disclaimer: You will not understand me until you do so. Do not act before you educate yourself first. You might learn the depth of my mission, but do not expect to do so. Give yourself time to learn the tools I use and why I use them. A pattern may form for you, in your own subjective way. If you are above 110 IQ and have honour as a person, you might also eventually be invited into my private circle of trusted family. That is a privilege, not a right.
  • Your #tax dollars "at work".
    Police Order Baby Out Of Truck At Gun Point. MILITARY STATE!
    "Think of the children"? NOPE! #Cops
    I'll bet she was crying hard and will be traumatized for life... however long that lasts.
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  • BC Government agencies "at work" "saving lives" from the STREET, during a region wide HOUSING CRISIS! BCH, putting more people on the street than if you didn't have to pay #taxes at all. #Vancouver #BC #Government #Homeless
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  • Felix gets it.

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  • I actually get direct emails from people who've known how to get a hold of me for months saying "I wish I knew more about you" (paraphrased).

    Doesn't anyone see the irony in that?! It's like being in bed with your mate and saying "Damn I wish I knew how to touch you".

    One word: "Ask". But no. You have your 'internet' to play with. So go on then... walk away from me and go play with yourselves and keep on DREAMING.
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  • Mexican thieves: "Hey, let's dig up and crack open a gas pipeline to steal some fuel and sell it ourselves!" Darwin award: Takes 20 Mexican thieves down and burns 60 others.

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  • If the elite are human, then absolute power corrupts all humans, absolutely, and we're fucked. If they elite are non-human in disguise, then all is a false reality, and we're fucked. Either way we're fucked... so how about we have some "FUN" with these "elite" and do whatever the fuck we want with them. :> (There are no limits to the imagination or expression of free will)
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  • One year ago...
    Exclusive, Jaw Dropping UFO Sighting Caught on Camera, New Footage Reveals
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  • Another Dirty Room S2E9 : GET READY TO SQUIRM : Hideous Kenvin’s Motel in Pinellas Park, Florida.

    AHhhhhhhh!! No!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmb1EI0HuvA
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  • I'm fantastic in many ways, but I hate my life because of what other people do to me, that's not my fault, but they MAKE IT MY CONSTANT NIGHTMARE, ruining a perfectly good life. Aren't humans just "so worth saving from total destruction"? (That's obvious sarcasm, by the way, I figure you are not too stupid to figure that out, but probably want to try use that against me in some way like everyone else, of course, and this is my statement telling you I'm on to you and always have been, you've all taught me so much about your true nature and how to defend myself from your perpetual ill-will.)
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  • I bet ONE HUNDRED PERCENT that after SEVERAL YEARS of shoving my (((blockaded))) corporation for alternative fuel under their noses, once again, they'll DO NOTHING to help UNBLOCK the (((banks))) from refusing my investor's deposit so I can help everyone out. Do an interview with me about THAT, Dan! www.HempPermaculture.com I wonder if you dare.


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