Purple Crow (TOH LPC) officially declares the 7th of September 2018 as the first annual 'white pride' day for all 'dragon bloodlines' around the world and beyond. We also officially declare the support, liberation and protection of all those whom identify as Praegender, especially those with reptilian connections, in honour of our spiritual pride in connection with our forms in higher dimensions. We also officially declare our connection with and recognition of Pagan faiths of respectful stewardship of planet Earth and all worlds who have upheld and defended against attack our sacred ancient rituals and rites. We were born a pure blood 'Dragon'! (Welsh Irish Scottish English) "White". One of our ancient historical Pagan flags displays this pride (Welsh flag). Under bill C-16 in Canada we are PROTECTED by Human Rights in all speech and acts as we are also a legally and medically protected Praegender Entity (God gender, pre-human, specifically reptilian). "I like people..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gapgnycVPU http://www.ChaoticResonance.com http://PurpleCrow.BandCamp.com Buy my art, listen to my station. Legal disclaimer: You will not understand me until you do so. Do not act before you educate yourself first. You might learn the depth of my mission, but do not expect to do so. Give yourself time to learn the tools I use and why I use them. A pattern may form for you, in your own subjective way. If you are above 110 IQ and have honour as a person, you might also eventually be invited into my private circle of trusted family. That is a privilege, not a right.
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Prince Andrew flew on the same plane.
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  • Germans Farmers Block Hamburg In Revolt Against New Environmental Regulations
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  • Starvation for the masses who still think FreeMasons (#Baphomet worshipers) are "not an issue". Oh really? You probably also think Epstein 'killed himself' and Prince Andrew being on the same planes with Epstein was all just a 'coincidence' as well, huh?

    2020 Economic Upheaval: Mass Crop Failure In America, Europe Losing 1000 Farms A Day

    How long will 'society' last with no more food?! I'll tell you... THREE days maximum before 100% global riots.. and a week later mass deaths begin for a month. A very SWIFT 'cull' indeed! The rest ('survivors') are like 'poppin fish in a barrel' for the 'leet' (with ALL their ADVANCED gear).
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  • ONE YEAR of Yellow Vest response to CORRUPT GOVERNMENT FASCISTS!
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  • Cats' hilarious reaction when they see cat filter on owners' faces | Funny Cat Videos 2019

    "Cat filter"? Hmmm... wouldn't that remove 'catness' from things? Like "bad word filter". English language is a disaster.
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  • Global Masonic actors planning global currency collapse (it's fake anyway, by the way) to implement even more RESTRICTIVE 'money' system (digital) (which is even MORE FAKE). Surprised? Probably not.

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  • "City" built on rivers of canals by the sea complains about "flooding" once every 50 years or so - "Global warming" freaks scream and head-nod claiming this is 'evidence' of their theories being correct.

    They 'kill' Nikola Tesla and force the peasant class back to fossil fuels and then blame them for 'global warming' as well. Spot the pattern! Know the HANDLERS of these acts: #Baphomet worshiping #FreeMasons and their #Royal handlers. Nothing ever changes until that INFECTION is removed COMPLETELY from Earth and humanity!
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  • In business, it's all about timing and 'opportunity' (greed). Who's well known for being 'opportunistic'?

    Vine (gone and missed by millions of people), YouTube (political turmoil and perpetual uncertainty), Facebook (a sinking ship, and some staff know it)... and who feeds thousands of "Dollar stores" in several countries? "Hmmmmm".

    Born: Tik tok.
    Hired: Some former Facebook staff.

    Mark Z: "Tik tok is Evil!!!!!! - They actually CENSOR people!"

    Us: Hahahahaha! Oh, the hypocrisy! Things just got interesting again. :> Get your popcorn made and take a seat.... this'll be good. ^^


    I'm on Telegram by the way, if anyone's interested. (Not just on Discord)
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  • First comment on all of YouTube, EVER!.... is.....
    14 years ago.
    (Exact number of exclamation marks may not be accurate)
    I think YT could learn from that. YT should be FUN, first and foremost... never 'political'. All of "Silicon Valley" needs to re-learn that.

    Video research:
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  • Scammer: "Some bastard from India is calling you to scam you... I'm here to protect you."

    A half-truth can be more dangerous than a blatant lie. Scammers 'hiding in plain sight'... like the MSM stating 'Jeffrey Epstein killed himself (buy these products)', or cops saying 'we've caught a predator (pay us more tax dollars)', or politicians saying 'Bin Laden did it (pay us more tax dollars to protect you better in the future)'. It's all the half-truths in the end, and sometimes even admittance of guilt while claiming they 'are here to protect you'. This is humanity without active Pineal glands (lies exist and the heart is corrupt with greed). The MSM, Cops and Politicians, Your Church leaders = Scammers. No different. Same humans lacking the great gifts of a fully functional Pineal gland. Genetic flaws of the slave race trying to rule itself in total blindness. Type zero species 'circling the drain'.

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  • The jokes in this one are so bad, they're awesome.

    This Phony "White Hat Hacker" Tried To Scam Me
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