Purple Crow (TOH LPC) officially declares the 7th of September 2018 as the first annual 'white pride' day for all 'dragon bloodlines' around the world and beyond. We also officially declare the support, liberation and protection of all those whom identify as Praegender, especially those with reptilian connections, in honour of our spiritual pride in connection with our forms in higher dimensions. We also officially declare our connection with and recognition of Pagan faiths of respectful stewardship of planet Earth and all worlds who have upheld and defended against attack our sacred ancient rituals and rites. We were born a pure blood 'Dragon'! (Welsh Irish Scottish English) "White". One of our ancient historical Pagan flags displays this pride (Welsh flag). Under bill C-16 in Canada we are PROTECTED by Human Rights in all speech and acts as we are also a legally and medically protected Praegender Entity (God gender, pre-human, specifically reptilian). "I like people..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gapgnycVPU http://www.ChaoticResonance.com http://PurpleCrow.BandCamp.com Buy my art, listen to my station. Legal disclaimer: You will not understand me until you do so. Do not act before you educate yourself first. You might learn the depth of my mission, but do not expect to do so. Give yourself time to learn the tools I use and why I use them. A pattern may form for you, in your own subjective way. If you are above 110 IQ and have honour as a person, you might also eventually be invited into my private circle of trusted family. That is a privilege, not a right.
  • Mob Boss Murder: Gambino Crime Family Head Gunned Down at His Home.
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  • Russian prankster drops toy gun in front of police.
    I like that one guy's reaction to the rest of the crew, like, "WTF was that? No orders to do anything? Really? OK..."
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  • Just an old friend talking about some stuff.

    Kevin Annett - Vatican Breaking Down (Stop 007)
    Streamed live on Feb 28, 2019.
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  • Recap. It's FAR GREATER than you could imagine, and it's EVERYWHERE!

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  • Another review of Twin Peaks... people still trying to figure out why dreaming makes no sense and yet feels SO IMPORTANT.

    Twin Peaks Is A Dream Inside Laura Palmer's Head | Fan Theories

    "I've got good news..." David Lynch made everything up in his head ...but we're not even here... it is all a dream we're having that David even exists. All this dreaming is a chance to play out our ideas from another world as the ultimate distraction in an infinite void... we are but children playing with our toys, which are ourselves, these bodies, these assorted time lines in a perpetually bifurcating multiverse within this dream world. Clues: Everywhere we go, historically and recently, people, at some point, 'wake up' to this and state such, from ancient gurus to Jim Carrey and David Lynch, or Bill Hicks and anyone who's ever traveled through the doorway of light upon death (and returned) or done DMT. Clues everywhere, even our own 'dreams within this dream'... our so called 'paranormal encounters' with ghosts who know 'impossible' things to 'alien encounters'. David is merely expressing these things in his own artistic way that is ultimately only his own dream while here, that we watch and try to 'figure out'... when it's all just free-flowing art on his part within this shared dream - David speaks directly to our subconscious rather than our conscious (dreamer) selves, that's why his art 'makes so much sense' and yet 'makes no sense at all' at the same time. Even science is starting to discuss parallel worlds very 'seriously' and 'prove' that this is indeed 'true'. And sure, why not? It's our multiverse... we can dream up whatever want, any time, with our free will (manifestation). This is why if you believe in something with enough conviction... it 'comes true' (Magick!) Give it a try... The rice test will shock you to your core that I am correct about these things. "...and I look forward to seeing you all again, real soon." :> Wags reptilian tail and smirks ^^

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  • The Collapse of Western Civilization
    Are you still praying to future dreams and false promises?
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  • Trump Issues Emergency Order Grounding All Boeing 737 Max 8, 9 Planes
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  • Once someone provides the public with this racist's small town location on some website somewhere, he's in a whole mess of trouble. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCowUmiePvo
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  • Here we go again. There's always 'something going on' with that crappy website.
    Second image is where I tested if I could even post images... nope, also broken again.
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  • CNN's About to Lose a Whole Bunch of Money!
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