This interview with Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor Michael Whalen was deleted by Youtube as it was growing in views. Michael thought he had escaped the nightmares of his childhood but instead while growing his Audio Engineering business was invited to a party at the Voodoo Donuts owners house where he witnessed children being funneled into back rooms. Michael Whalen has been gang stalked, had his apartment looted, dog killed and had his bank accounts emptied for threatening to speak out.

Here is that deleted interview:

PLEASE SHARE EVERYWHERE! Youtube will not silence the abuse of children.



This is isnt the first time Voodoo Doughnuts has come under fire for allegations of trafficking children. Internet circles made the rounds when #pizzagate broke back in late 2016. An important FBI report from 2007 legitimized #pizzagate declassifying the symbols and imagery pedophi8les use to identify each others businesses. 



Here is an image of the Voodoo Donuts Logo outside one of their locations. In the middle is the little boy lover lover symbol used by pedophiles according to the critical 2007 FBI report.




To make matters worse Voodoo Donuts uses the pedophile imagery on their doughnuts.


The horror continues with the Satanic Pentagram Donut, the Cock and Balls Donut and the Triple Chocolate Penetration Donut.




They sell their doughnuts in baby coffins.



This evidence coupled with Michael Whalen's testimony is enough to start a full scale investigation of Voodoo Donuts.

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Thank You for your suport in ending child trafficking.