Its Here! VoiceAnything.Com! You can now have all the same features as FaceBook! Stop posting on FaceBook! Start signing up here and tell your friends to start moving RIGHT NOW! This place has everything, you can even boost pages and advertise just like FaceBook. You can grow your audiences exponentially with just a few dollars if you like to advertise on these types of platforms! Best of all there is NO CENSORSHIP!


Eric Hoover has been building this website for several years preparing for this exact moment when censorship would be its strongest! Platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube Twitch have all censored individuals trying to grow their platforms, but now you can have all of these sites combined into one! You can post hashtags, search anything. You can even send money to each other like Twitch supporting your favorite Creators! This is the ultimate website for anyone who wants Free Speech, Creative Outlets, Financially Friendly Advertisng, OR even people who just want a place to vent without getting banned! 

I'm so happy I found this place it was a stroke of luck! If you need any help on using the site please Directly Message me! The site is very easy to use it is extremely similar to FaceBook. Share this article with your friends so we can start the exodus from the censorship filled platform of FaceBook! 



If you would like to support VoiceAnything they have a GoFundme to help with the server costs associated with running the website.

Follow them on Twitter @VA_FreeVoice