FaceBook has finally released EVERYONE'S information to the world! They've really outdone themsleves this time. Instead of another smaller "leak" they have now just emptied their entire database!

This past week the massive leak had been shared around hacking forums. The emails have been uploaded to the popular website haveIbeenpwned.com where users have been discovering their information compromised. Have I Been Pwned has verified the leak. 



FaceBook is the only company in the world with over 750 Million password email combinations. It would take several very large breaches of companies to reach 750 Million stolen emails with password confirmations. Given the track record of FaceBook it only makes sense that they would finally unload everyone's information. FaceBook's stock has been negative for months after Mark Zuckerberg testified to congress that the company saw nothing wrong with collecting information without people's consent. This raised many questions as to what FaceBook was doing with its enormous personal data collection. Well, it seems as though they have finally unloaded their Motherload of a database releasing nearly every users information. 

Not quite 1 Billion, however 750 Million password email combinations are now out in the public for people to see!


in order to check the "hacked" files to see if you have been breached click here:


Simply just type your email address in on this web page to see if your information is included in the leak. 

After you have checked to see if you have been "hacked" I suggest you join VoiceAnything.Com to replace FaceBook. They have had zero data breaches in 3 years. They also have pledged to never sell your data. 

They also have a GoFundme: https://www.gofundme.com/voiceanythingcom

Please share this on article on FaceBook so that others can check to see if they have been "hacked". 

Thank You!