Covington Catholic, a college prepatory school located in HighWay Park Hills, Kentucky is considering suing mainstream media outlets after they innacurately portrayed one of its students as a perpetrator who "harassed" a Native American Veteran.


Many Mainstream outlets reported the student to be mocking a Native American who was beating his drum, however, recent released video shows the Native American man approaching the student initiating the conferentation himself. The student from Covington had been located on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for over 10 minutes with his fellow classmates singing and dancing before the Native American Man showed up.


In the video The Native American man appears to approach the crowd with fellow Native Americans in what many Covington Prep students thought to be a friendly invititation to dance and celebrate Native American culture. For a time this appears to be true until the Native American man began to beat his drum louder in an attempt to intimidate the student. The Native American man beat the drum within inches of the teenager's ear. The Native American man's malicious intentions were then confirmed when his fellow Native American followers started verbally sparring with the Covington Catholic students saying they didn't belong in this country. 


The MainStream Media portrays the student to be the "harasser" when in reality the student was already standing on the steps with his classmates. The MainStream media in an attempt to save themselves said the student was blocking the path of the Native Americans trying to reach the Lincoln Memorial, when in reality video shows plenty of space for the Native American group to go around.


Here is the New York Post's article claiming the Native American's were being blocked.


The Native American Man qualifies more as a "Harasser" for trying to intimidate the teenager with loud drum beats to the ear. 


This is all caught on video:


Here is the full video of what happens. Covington Catholic Students on the steps of Lincoln Memorial at 1 Hour 12 minutes 12 seconds. The Native American group then steps towards the students in what looks like a friendly gesture to start singing with them. It wasn't it was to harass the students. 

Here is an excellent analysis video of the whole event.

The student's identity was shared around Twitter in a witch hunt attempt to shame the student.

Commentors on Reddit were calling for the student to be punched in the face, even suggesting the Native American Man should have gotten much more violent. 

Reddit Comments

Nearly every single major media outlet has innacurately reported this story. Really makes you think. 



Leftist Protest Article HERE:


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