The following lubricants and hydraulic oils are recommended for injection machine pump.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the injection molding machine, all moving parts of the machine are equipped with lubricating devices and lubricating points. Especially for the mold clamping mechanism, the machine adopts an automatic lubrication system and is equipped with a steel oil jacket. The following is a brief introduction of the automatic lubrication system.

Configuration and characteristics of lubrication system:

The lubricating system consists of lubricating oil pump, lubricating oil circuit, lubricating oil distributor and lubricating point (including oil washer). Lubricating oil flows through the oil pump to all oil distributor and then to all lubricating points (including oil washer) to realize the function of lubricating all moving parts of plastic syringe.

Because it uses oil and steel gaskets, the system can store oil, thus providing good and lasting lubrication effect.

The lubrication system is controlled by computer. The lubrication state of the system can be controlled by computer monitoring the pressure relay. During lubrication, if the oil tank is short of oil, the oil circuit leaks, the filter screen of the pump is blocked or the oil pressure is not high enough, the control computer will give an alarm to indicate poor lubrication. In this case, check the cause of poor lubrication and add lubricating oil or repair it in time to ensure the normal lubrication and operation of the plastic syringe.

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