Introduction to the use of China spray gun:

1. check tools and working environment before painting

Water and oil in the air compressor must be released first. Thoroughly clean and inspect the spray booth and ventilation screen. Clean the floor of paint booth.

2. The surface is clean

The spraying surface must be washed clean with water, which is oily and oily. The newly welded or rust-removed metal surface should be treated with epoxy resin antirust primer to prevent rust.

3. Correct sanding method

Don't use sandpaper too hard, use fine sandpaper as much as possible.

4. Use high quality diluent

Don't make an economic calculation on thinner, use matching thinner, paint can exert quality, use cheap thinner can save several yuan, but will pay more time and energy; Using high-quality thinner will make the work easier.

5. The hardener and thinner should be correct

Incorrect ratio of hardener and thinner will affect the effect of paint.

6. Good primer

No matter spraying, solid color baking varnish or silver base baking varnish, it should be of good quality to increase adhesion and glossiness.

7. Stir evenly

No matter which kind of paint or manufacturer, it is important to mix well, especially those containing silver powder.

8. The air pressure should be appropriate

It is ideal to keep the gun nozzle pressure at 40-50 pounds, too much or too little pressure will affect the spraying effect and cause waste.

9. The correct spraying method should follow the product instruction manual

Keep the distance between the spray gun and the object at 15-20cm, and spray every time for 5-10min. Each product has different construction instructions, such as hardener mixing, spray distance, available time, etc.

10. Good ventilation

11. the spraying environment should be clean

For details, please consult: airless paint sprayer.