The universal joint cross is not only an important part of the automobile power transmission system, but also an indispensable part of the forklift system. From the perspective of the structure of the forklift, for the forklift driven by the front wheels, the transmission shaft adopts a constant velocity universal joint.

How to repair when the cross shaft universal joint is damaged?

First, when there are marks, dents and journal wear greater than 0.04 mm on the surface of the cross journal, it can be repaired by chrome plating or iron plating. Four-section journal grinding can also be reduced to the same size, and then used to increase the size of the roller needle. When the carbon layer is insufficient after reducing the journal, carburization and heat treatment should be performed. After grinding, the roundness and cylindrical error of the journal should not be greater than 0.01 mm; the verticality error of the two shafts should not be greater than 0.1 mm

Second, during assembly, the clearance between the journal and the bearing is 0.02-0.09 mm, and the maximum clearance should not be greater than 0.13 mm.

Third, when the universal joint bearing roller needle is worn, cracked, groove, etc. should be replaced.

Fourth, check and repair the sliding joint. When a universal sliding fork is broken, it should be replaced. When the roller bearing hole is worn, it can be repaired by surfacing welding, and then boring to adapt to the size; the U-Joint With Brackets Tapered Kits cover The thread should be tightened, and the cooperation between the stop groove and the pin ring should not be loose.