Magnet wires are wound inside electronic appliances in the form of coils and have the function of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is widely used in most electrical appliances, such as heavy power, automotive and household appliances industries. Among them, Round Enameled Copper Wire is a common one.
The latest automation equipment has been supplying various types of electromagnetic wires to meet the various needs of customers, and also provide multiple coating wires made of various enamel varnishes, providing high heat index (AI coating), good resistance Abrasive (NY coating), self-adhesive (SB coating) and self-lubricating (SL coating).
In addition, the enamel coating equipment is equipped with an "online tester" to provide continuous and stable quality. The in-line coating machine can perform wire drawing and enamel coating at the same time, so excellent performance can be obtained in the manufacturing process and a satisfactory quality level, such as excellent resistance and stable wire tension.
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