In the actual operation of villa elevator, designers have designed a variety of safety devices and adopted a variety of safety measures to eliminate these unsafe factors. As long as the villa elevator is used correctly and regularly maintained and inspected, the occurrence of safety accidents will be greatly reduced to ensure that the villa elevator is a perfect and safe transportation equipment.

Safety protection in operation of villa elevator

  1. Hall door and car door

If we want to start the villa elevator, one of the important conditions is that all hall doors and car doors must be closed, and if one door is not closed, it cannot start.

This is due to the mechanical and electrical interlocking devices installed on each door. If the door is not closed properly, the circuit will be blocked and the villa elevator will not start. To start the villa elevator, in addition to closing the car door and hall door, it must also be started when the car top safety window switch, safety gear switch, pit bottom switch, upper and lower limit switches, etc. are in normal conditions.

  1. Overload test

Before the completion of the villa elevator, an overload test is to be done. Our test will ensure the normal operation of the villa elevator supplier in the future.