The biggest feature of the Stainless Steel Submersible Pump is that it can be installed at a high altitude to immediately suck water from above. The whole process takes about ten minutes, but people sometimes have to absorb water quickly, so people should master the method to increase the water absorption speed of the submersible pump.

First of all, immediately install the mechanical pump at the entrance of the submersible sewage pump for dust collection. The water ring vacuum pump is strongly recommended here. This type of pump is much faster in liposuction gas than ordinary submersible sewage pumps. If people add a water ring vacuum pump, it only takes tens of seconds to quickly absorb water.

Second, install a relatively tight pump bottom valve on the inlet pipe at the bottom of the submersible sewage pump tank. If water is sucked in, the remaining water will remain in the pipe for the next start. At this time, the submersible sewage pump can prevent the exhaust pipe from being reused, and can also increase the suction speed of the submersible sewage.

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