Twflex tarpaulins have a wide variety of tarpaulins and have rich experience in wholesale tarpaulin, which is suitable for many applications and industries. We are often asked about where tarps provide shelter from wind and rain. PE fabrics are ideal for this application, but the main disadvantage of PE tarpaulins is that they are usually colored and do not allow direct sunlight, which can darken the area.

Discount tarps can now provide cost-effective transparent PE tarps, which are ideal for enclosing open-air areas, creating awnings that will not block the sun, and even protect plants from hail and rain while still letting direct sunlight. A discount tarp made of tough transparent UV stabilized fabric can make you a transparent tarp that meets your needs at a very cost-effective price.

Unlike the expensive transparent PVC fabrics that are commonly used to make blinds in cafes and restaurants, our transparent PE is lightweight, strong, completely waterproof, and is a more cost-effective solution. We can also use this transparent PE fabric to produce larger size products. We use solid brass eyelets in the uv protection tarpaulin or, if you wish, we can add ropes at the seams so that you can use tarps in the tracks.