The daily maintenance of interior decoration plays a very important role. If you want to increase the service life of the skirting board, it is indispensable in the maintenance work. Let us follow Skirting Board Manufacturers to learn how to maintain wooden skirting boards.

  1. Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance after installation

Regarding the skirting board after installation, if the super glue adjustment method is selected, the maintenance is gradually to remove the overflow super glue. If the super glue of the soft brush is too little, the super glue will overflow from the side when it is fixed. At this time, you can use a fruit knife to scrape off the spilled part to avoid the digestion and absorption of dust and stains on the outer rubber, which will harm the beauty.

  1. Remove the stains on the skirting board

After long-term application of the skirting board, the surface is generally covered by greasy feeling and stains, especially on the page, which can easily cover the stains. At this time, you can use a cotton towel dipped in detergent or decontamination cream to clean it. For the gap in the middle of the step, the old soft toothbrush can be used to clean up.

  1. Maintenance of wooden skirting board

Wooden skirting boards are more sensitive to dry or damp temperatures, and are prone to cracks or mold. Therefore, people generally deal with the maintenance problems of polishing and waxing wooden skirting boards or scrubbing waterproof materials. Also note that wooden skirting boards cannot be installed in damp and cold areas.

  1. The skirting board is loose and dropped.

The slack or bursting of the skirting board may be caused by long-term soaking; it is also very likely that the key to the construction cannot be ensured during the whole process of the construction. Therefore, it can generally be handled according to dispensing or opening holes. Those whose specific results are not ideal can choose to disconnect and unfold and reinstall.

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