Before the arrival of cold weather, outdoor water system pumps require special care and maintenance. Known as antifreeze, this daily service is essential for pumps used in fountains, ponds, aerators and pools. XIZI Submersible Pump Supplier can work with you to perform regular maintenance on the equipment. Our expertise includes knowing how to use this equipment to reduce the risk of electric shock, injury, property damage, and equipment failure.

You may know that water pipes will freeze. The frozen water expands, causing damaged (often expensive) pipes to rupture and break. In pumps, a similar phenomenon occurs: even a pump that drains water needs to be extra careful to ensure that the remaining water does not damage the equipment.

If your pump is used in a deep well and installed below the freezing line, there is usually no need to worry about freezing. However, this is not the case in a fountain or pond. These shallow applications mean it may freeze-and apply everywhere: from northern climates to temperate cities.

Your licensed contractor will protect the pump from freezing in the way that best suits your property. In some cases, the pump can be disconnected and lowered below the freezing line. In other cases (such as shallow pools and fountains), the pump needs to be removed and drained. Your contractor will find the drain plug of the pump and drain most of the water. However, the Small Household Submersible Pump usually has an intricate internal design with many gaps. To ensure that the pump can survive the winter, your contractor will use a special non-toxic antifreeze: the so-called propylene glycol. Never use car or RV antifreeze for the antifreeze of the water pump.