Chances are, you've heard the hype about Instagram, understand the benefits of Instagram, and even set up an Instagram account for your business. Now, after doing so, you might be wondering, how can I get followers on Instagram quickly?

And if you're doing well, you're posting regularly. But you may be struggling to find your audience. Like any new account on any social media site, it can take a while to get more followers on Instagram and grow your Instagram following into a large audience, according to expert Neal Schaffer. By the way, as he mentions himself, don't forget to use Instagram Reels.

How to get followers on Instagram quickly

Here are some tips on how to get more followers on Instagram quickly. An important area to consider as part of your social media management for companies with little investment.

1.- Promote your Instagram account

If nobody knows you are there, how are they going to follow you? How are you going to sell your products to customers who don't know you are? Make sure you promote your Instagram account through a variety of media, as cited in the original source:

- Tell your customers that you are on Instagram, that's for starters.

- Tell your other fans on social media sites that you are on this social network in case they are interested in following you there too.

- Include the Instagram URL in your email signature; through email marketing, it is also possible to gain followers for Instagram due to synergies.

- Link to your Instagram account in your electronic newsletters just like you do to other networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Of all the tips for growing your Instagram followers, this is one you need to do outside of Instagram itself.

2.- Provide exclusive Instagram content with creativity.

Exclusive content is also important to grow your Instagram followers. If your fans and customers already follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, why should they also follow you on Instagram? That's what Neal Schaffer wonders, and it's a good question to ask. Now, once on Instagram.

How to promote photos on Instagram? Schaffer, for example, always recommends "sharing exclusive photos of events or products only on Instagram." This gives your fans a reason to go to your Instagram page to see the rest of the photos. Of course, it is advisable not to automatically link your Facebook or Twitter accounts to share all Instagram posts.

Currently, every influencer is using fancy text. It makes their post at a new level, and users like creativity as they do not see it normally, so you should also try fancy text and then copy and paste fonts in your bio or posts to get more followers and shares. Best Fancy text generator website -

«You can also share exclusive discounts or promotions strictly for Instagram followers. Once people know that you offer these promotions, you can be sure that your followers will increase, "says the author of the original article.

3.- Actively engage with others on Instagram

We come to the third point. One of the best ways to grow your audience is to connect with people, if not the best. This means being active in the profiles of others, liking them, and commenting on their messages, although without being annoying or spamming. In this strategy of being active on other Instagram profiles, it must be, as Schaffer points out, that responding to the comments on their posts also generates conversation and followers.

To find new people to follow in your industry and start engaging with them. Having engagement with other accounts can increase the engagement of your clients with you; remember this point.

In this sense, he recommends that when people comment on your publications, "be sure to mention them in your response so they receive a notification and see what you wrote." What types of responses or comments can you write? To get started, answer their questions, show appreciation for their feedback, and keep your Instagram feed conversations alive so more people can join.

4.- Follow more people on Instagram

Unless you're a great brand, no one wants to follow you if you only follow 25 people. You are here to be active and attractive, so follow more people and be active! Although there is no specific ideal follower-to-follower ratio, you should follow as many people as possible," says Schaffer. And this is entirely true.

If you are looking for people to follow, try following the people your followers follow, even if it sounds muddy. In addition, the author of the article also recommends that when you go to your notifications page on Instagram, switch to the "Followers" tab. Why? «This will show you all the messages that followers are engaged with. You probably have similar interests and like many of the posts and people you follow. You can click on the messages and go to the profiles of these other users, "he says.

All of this has to do with the fact that Instagram "is quite reciprocal and if you like and engage with other Instagram users, they will often like you." Many users, in fact, follow a behavior policy on social networks according to which they follow the users who follow them. Still, Schaffer continues, it is advisable to follow users in whom you have "a genuine interest."

5.- Post more on Instagram to have more Instagram followers

We all know that a stagnant or neglected account will go dormant. Instagram is no different, remember. For all these reasons, it invites you to post photos and videos, among other formats, "at least a few times a week, ideally at least once a day." "The more often you post, the more variety of hashtags you use, the more you engage with other Instagrammers, the faster your audience will grow," he says.

After all this, he emphasizes that at no time does he recommend buying followers. Among other reasons, it warns that "these false or bad Instagram followers can hinder their growth opportunity and harm their chances of reaching the popular page."

As with any social media site, you want more followers. But it's important to focus on cultivating a great community around the followers you have. The more you focus and connect with your current followers, the more your audience will grow naturally," concludes Schaffer.