Adding onto this, I think we need a flair for Animal Crossing Items photographs which are visually enhanced/filtered. There are some gorgeous photos posted on this, and I love seeing them, however, most are because of editing and filters. We should have a flair so everyone knows if a photograph is edited or not. I think they're fine but if it is causing sufficient stress on the neighborhood possibly they should be removed. I never have viewed them as negative, but as a positive and bittersweet second this game has enabled for people grieving. Nevertheless, individuals can grieve without letting the whole world know about it...

Now that most people have undergone all four seasons, and given that the two hemispheres are in different seasons, I really don't think a spoiler tag should be crucial for general content which occurs in different months because of TT.

But, I would encourage a spoiler tag for a number of events/items (e.g., toy afternoon, festivale) and particularly for items which may only be collected from finishing that event (like the festivale float) or which may only be acquired through hacking (as opposed to an item accumulated through TT and traded into a player who doesn't TT), possibly prior to the event is unlocked/has begun in the last time zone/items are added to the game and considered"tradeable" without hacking.

ETA: Allowed, screenshots of players using hacked things bothers me most, not because they"spoil" (particularly if they are in the trailer), but since the comment threads wind up being full of people asking how/where to acquire the items when they are not available to most players. Once they're officially accessible whether in TT or actual time, fine.

Commonly repeated villager dialogue is not worth posting about. It's not adding anything to the subreddit

milestones are exciting for new players but want a organization. Either a dedicated day of the week for posting them (or maybe have them enabled on the evenings ) or some megathread

Images shot of the console display are fine provided that the picture is discernible. There's no point posting photos with this much glare which I can't see what is happening. HQ pictures are easy to get to a phone with the new update. (I saw the article with the switch in the microwave. It was insane)

photographs of clothing/merch could be sort of repetitive. Sharing the announcement of the color pop collab made sense. Everyone posting a photograph of the same palette or box when it arrives at the mail is tedious.

The only time I had been annoyed by someone taking a pic of their switch's display instead of employing the screencap function was when a dude who had been clearly trolling kept posting more and more ridiculous shots of his display, culminating in him submitting a pic of his switch's screen in the microwave once someone pointed out the Nook Miles Ticket lighting in his additional pics was awful.