I bet that they could make it so you could display your familiars... like create a stand of any sort that you can you add components into (just need to do after ) and it remembers the familiar for displaying purposes only. Itll apear, make its small sound, you can interact with OSRS Gold it (though it wouldnt be much use from the home ) but you can either dismiss it or abandon it there untill you left your own house.

Yes, but there's not any sense of paying 50gp/dayThats maybe not a good deal, but cabinets in the kitchen do not need refilling. It shouldnt be restricted. In the event that you needed a butler or maid they could just do it as part of they are duty.and yes, the cupboard in the pet room should be unlimited too.

0K we're all flared up about Summoning... maybe not. However, I've been thinking about it and I came up with a notion in Summoning known as... 0K here's the requirements: Level 33, 66 or 99 Summoning. Two of these slots will be outlines of a Pouch, and one a summary of a Greyhound Pup. The screen will look like this:

When the screen opens up, you can drag any Familiar Pouch to the very first pouch, then an equivalent or lower leveled recognizable in the next, or a pet in the next. When you have hauled the desired Familiars/Pet on the display, select the Summon button, and the first Familiar will be summoned. The Pet or Equal or Lesser familiar will be summoned behind him. They'll all follow you around: Long Chain: Once you cast the Long Chain spell, a screen will start with 4 slots. Three of these will be outlines of a Pouch, and one an outline of a Giant Crab. The screen will look like that:

Drag a familiar into the first pouch, then a familiar of equivalent or lower level to the second, then select between Cheap RuneScape Gold a LOWER leveled comfortable, or puppy in the last slot. When you've made your decision, press on the Summon button, and two familiars and a puppy, or 3 familiars will be after you.