All crazy about farm animals? Here are lots of ideas and suggestions for a cheerful farm-themed birthday party for young and old!

The farm theme turns out to be one of the most popular for children's birthday parties. Why? Surely the fact that it has cute little animals as its protagonists and very bright and cheerful colors are used plays a very important role. Furthermore, the good country air, the nature and the relaxing atmosphere push both adults and children to go to farms, agritourisme and countryside to take advantage of the first beautiful sunny days, far from the chaotic city. In any case, whether you are organizing a party in the countryside or at home, here are many nice ideas to be able to create a farm-themed birthday in an ultra simple and fast way! Let's begin!

What animals appear in a farm themed party?

This question cannot go unnoticed. When we talk to the little ones, we often talk about pets like cats and dogs, about jungle animals like elephants, lions, tigers and monkeys, but also about farm animals ... But which creatures are considered as  farm animals ?

Any imaginative idea that comes from children is welcome, however horses, roosters and hens, pigs, cows, sheep and rabbits deserve to be mentioned in the farm animals category. In short, a mix of immense tenderness! It will be thanks to these little protagonists that your child 's farm animal themed birthday party will be surprisingly successful! Among other things, we must not hesitate to bring a lot of color to this party with bright shades and some natural elements such as wood, straw, wildflowers such as daisies and poppies and everything that will go through your head and be reminiscent of the countryside and the world of the farm.


Which farm-themed birthday decorations to choose for this super party?

Obviously, there is no party without decorations and themed decorations: they must remember the farm and allow all the guests to immerse themselves in the natural world.

If we were to draw up a list of must-have decorations for a farm-themed birthday , balloons always come first.

Whether they are in latex and colored, with an original shape or in aluminum and inflated with helium for a guaranteed aerial effect, your decoration will be a real show. In this case, you can opt for multicolored balloons , with or without the farm animal print . There are also fun animal-shaped or tractor-shaped aluminum balloons carrying some farm animals for a hilarious effect! 

In addition to the balloons, space for long garlands of colored flags and any other suspensions such as pompoms, paper rosettes or spiral suspensions that fall from the ceiling (always if the party takes place at home or in an outdoor place, but with trees) . As already mentioned, with the colors you can indulge yourself because a farm themed party is very colorful, so you can safely use bright tones such as green, yellow, red and orange. Even a touch of blue is great! Do not forget to add here and there some straw tufts, wicker objects or vintage straw hats to recreate the rustic atmosphere of the farm ...



How to organize a buffet for a farm themed party?

You know, at the center of the most beautiful birthday party, there is always a table or a rich buffet to satisfy the palate, but also the eyes of children and adults! Then, dedicate yourself to creating a magnificent and mouth-watering farm-themed buffet by following a few simple tips.

You can easily create a farm themed buffet using some motifs from the typical rustic decor , but adding an extra pop of color. For example, a beautiful red and white checkered tablecloth wouldn't be bad, to be skilfully combined with other wooden table accessories, including cutlery! Alternatively, you can use a jute tablecloth, to decorate with a runner made with synthetic grass, to remind you of nature and a soft lawn.


Depending on the chosen tablecloth, space for coordinated disposable table ( their comfort is unparalleled! ) In plain color ( colored or kraft color ) or with cute typical motifs of the farm such as plates, glasses and napkins with animals or with the classic motif spotted black and white that resembles a cow's coat. Then, fill some bowls with fun appetizers - pre-cut cucumbers, baby carrots and tomatoes will be perfect. For the sweeter side, opt for egg-shaped or fruit-shaped chewy candies. For drinks ( strictly colored ) use candy bar bottles or mason jar-style mugs for a vintage touch that never hurts!


To complete your buffet, you can decorate sandwiches or sweets with pics in the shape of animals and you can sprinkle figurines or small puppets of farm animals all over the table . Create original popcorn bags and decorate them with sheep's heads to make from cardboard: the effect will be amazing! Instead, you can create delicious pigs using pink marshmallows: place them on a long wooden toothpick and decorate them by drawing nose, eyes and mouth with an edible marker. They will bring a fun touch to your farm themed table .


How to make a farm themed birthday cake?

What birthday party is there without a cake? If you don't want to rely on a professional, but you want to prepare a nice homemade birthday cake, bring out all the imagination at your disposal and start creating a nice cake!

Choose the base you want and then decorate your cake with farm animals . But how? The easiest way is to create a customizable sugar waffle with an image of the birthday boy or with an image of your choice inspired by the world of the farm.

If, on the other hand, you like to mess around, have fun creating figurines in the shape of farm animals in sugar paste to make a colorful, original and sweet cake like the one created by leila_cakes_creation_! If you prefer not to get your hands on it, you can always find sugar or plastic figurines in the shape of animals to decorate your dessert. 


Make delicious treats like cupcakes to decorate with farm motifs - these carrot cupcakes decorated with sugar baby carrots are absolutely delicious!

In addition to the cake with the farm animals , you can also make cupcakes in the shape of animals or perfectly decorated, always inspired by them!

A few tricks to liven up your farm-themed birthday

There are many animations that can be offered during a farm-themed birthday party , however you must always consider the age of the children and the location chosen for the party. If the party is outdoors and the guests are around 5/8 years old, organizing a treasure hunt would be a perfect idea! Hide here and there the clues that the children will have to find in order to continue their journey and reach the place where they will find a surprise!

The surprise could be a small cage with chocolate eggs that the hen has just baked or a tree with a nice piñata hanging that the children will have to break to drop all the surprises it contains.


For the little ones, an atelier to make farm-themed drawings or a make-up atelier to create colorful and original make-up inspired by the farm and its animals will be fine . In addition to make-up, space for nice accessories that will allow children ( but also adults, why not! ) To turn into their favorite pet! Obviously, when everyone is ready, take out your camera and have fun taking lots of photos: children love to pose and make lots of funny faces! 

What do you think of our tips for throwing a farm-themed birthday party ? Are you ready to throw one of the most beautiful parties ever? Follow our suggestions and everything will be for the best! And if you take a lot of photos, don't hesitate to share them on our social networks!

Children love to enjoy birthday parties, it becomes an unforgettable memory for them, it really does not matter how old they are but they only want to enjoy it so it is very important to organise it with the most trending theme.