Vicenza, 7 December 2020. Mondays, as we all know, can be the hardest and deadliest days of the week. Not here at Fulcrum, or rather, not on Monday 23rd November 2020, which we were lucky enough to spend with Elia Viviani.To get more news about carbon mtb rim, you can visit official website.
The champion from Verona, just down the road from our headquarters in Vicenza, dropped by to pick up his Fulcrum Speed CMPTZN DB, the very same model that we launched on the 1st December. This gave us the chance for a chat and we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of going for a ride with the captain of the Cofidis World Tour Team.
A thoroughbred sprinter Elia Viviani chose the 55 cm high profile version of the Speed CMPTZN DB, a model that we developed bearing in mind his requirements for maximum speed and lowest rolling resistance.
After Moreno Bacchion, Viviani's trusted mechanic fit the wheels and set up the bike, we set off with Elia on board his De Rosa for a ride in the hills close to our offices, on roads that rise and dip on the southern slopes of the Monti Lessini. Going for a ride with a professional is always exciting. Looking at Elia Viviani pedalling you can just imagine him in a race, during one of his lethal sprints. His posture reveals what a natural he is on the bike, even after being off it for a three-week recovery period. Training is about to start up again so, when we managed to catch our breath, we asked Elia about his goals for next season. “I hope to start racing at the end of January to prepare for Milan-Sanremo, which will be my main goal for 2021. Then I’ll be at the start line for the Classics, the Giro and obviously I’ll be going to the Tokyo Olympics”. With a top tier squad Team Cofidis has all it takes to do well in 2021. Elia Viviani can count on the support of athletes of the calibre of Simone Consonni, Nathan Haas and Kenneth Van Bilsen, who will be at their captain’s disposal during the season. For the upcoming Tour de France Guillaume Martin will be Team Cofidis’ main man. As Viviani confirms, Martin has proven his talent at the Tour and Vuelta this year, but most importantly, he has great margins for improvement.

During our ride we had a chance to chat about wheels and in particular about tubeless technology. The new Speed CMPTZN DB are in fact 2-WAY FIT, so that they can be run without inner tubes. Like us Elia Viviani believes in the performance advantages of tubeless wheels: “They’re the future. Evolution grows and the development has reached excellent levels. Seeing their extremely low rolling resistance and low weight the tubeless option can also be used in races. By working on every detail, this year we’ve managed to get the bike down to 7.08 kg”. As far as low rolling resistance is concerned, the new Speed CMPTZN DB rely on CULTTM bearings, the pinnacle of technological development from Fulcrum’s R&D department. This choice was once again influenced by Elia Viviani: “CULT bearings are a certainty. You can feel the difference by just spinning the hubs in your hands. It’s one of those things that you feel immediately, without having to measure it”. Coming from an athlete who really knows how to measure and interpret data, just think about how he manages his watts, this is a real compliment.