Content marketing or content marketing  is the art of preparing valuable content and distributing it for free with the double idea of ​​attracting new potential customers (prospects) and / or of building loyalty to your current customers and trying to make them buy new services / products. .

Content marketing is part of a strategy of adding value before asking for anything in return ("Givers Get"), and of not interrupting, as TV / radio ads or traditional direct marketing tactics often do.

The number 1 objective of this 100% permissive strategy is to get the readers of your website or your blog to become subscribers to your mailing list. That is, stop dealing with IPs (web visits) and start chatting with people (email).

The idea is to continue adding value by email on a regular basis with the idea of ​​consolidating your relationship with these subscribers, because they are your future customers.

This term is often confused with inbound marketing , although in this case content marketing is only part of that discipline.

Inbound Marketing involves all actions to attract customers to your business, including more traditional disciplines (advertising, for example), while content marketing only involves working on content.

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What content marketing is NOT

Just as important as defining what content marketing  is or  content marketing is defining what content marketing is NOT.

I'm not talking about copywriting techniques now. It is not about writing sales pages or brochures for your services and / or products.

People search the Internet for solutions to their problems. they don't want someone to try to sell them something on the first visit (Hard Sell).

Rather, the idea is to build trust, credibility, and authority with your content marketing. Once you have won this battle, when submitting an offer for a product and / or a service you will find less resistance in the purchase process.

There is talk of Soft Sell or the art of presenting your offer without insisting: This is what it is. If you are interested, join, if not, go your way.

Nobody likes to be sold. But if you want to make a living from your content, you will have to present offers.