Birthday is the most magical holiday in a child's life. For them, this is not only gifts and treats, but also an approach to the cherished entry into adulthood. In order for this day to be remembered for years to come, it is necessary to organize it correctly.

You won't surprise anyone with banal gatherings at the table. Everyone wants variety, a real show. If you want to arrange a truly unforgettable birthday for your child and guests, then you should think about organizing a quest.

What is it?

In other words, a quest is the completion of a task. Most often it is a search for some objects and solving puzzles, riddles. As a rule, it consists of several stages:

  • introduction, where the participants are told the background and rules of the quest;
  • a set where everyone begins to complete a series of riddles;
  • culmination, when the participants reach the final, most difficult and interesting task;
  • denouement and conclusion, where the winner is announced and the main prize, if any, is awarded.

The main feature of the quest is its phasing. To go from start to finish, you need to solve a certain number of puzzles. Only after that you can proceed to the next level. The reward for overcoming it can be a hint for the next puzzle or a small prize.

Thus, you can organize the delivery of a gift to the birthday person. During the quest, he will approach his coveted prize, without even realizing it. In this case, the theme of the quest may indirectly refer to the gift, so as not to spoil the surprise.


If there are only girls at the party, then it is logical to organize something related to fairy tales, princesses and fairies. If they are boys, then they are undoubtedly pirates, robbers, superheroes. At a celebration where guys of both sexes will be, you can easily find a compromise. Remember that girls will gladly take part as pirates, but a boy may not like being fairies very much.

For a thematic quest, it is better to specially arrange the room, prepare accessories (hats, masks, raincoats) for children so that they can immerse themselves in the atmosphere as much as possible.

During the quest, keep in mind that children can get to some clues by mistake, solving the problem incorrectly, or accidentally stumble upon ahead of time. To prevent this from happening, take care of not too obvious prompts or different designations in the stages (colors, numbers, letters, etc.).

How to organize?

If there are many participants, then it is better to divide the guests into several teams. And decorate as per them, Then the quest will add a competitive touch. But do not forget that this is still a holiday. Therefore, during the summing up, do not forget to present the prizes to each participant.

And so that no one is offended, then a small treat will be an excellent reward for the correct answer at the intermediate stages of the quest. Tips for conducting:

  • do not forget to keep the participants interested, no one should get bored;
  • remember that the tasks should not be too difficult, if the participants have difficulties, then give them a hint;
  • there should not be too many stages of the quest (contests);
  • in every company of children or adults, there are shy people who may not want to participate, think over an interesting role for them in advance, for example, as assistants;
  • keep an eye on the balance of winners and losers, everyone should have fun.

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A quest is an ordinary series of contests, simply united by one theme or plot. During the quests, there are many interesting situations that must be captured in the pictures. Do not forget to hire a photographer or entrust this work to a responsible person, so that each shot remains not only in your memory.

If you want to organize a birthday quest for your child, but do not know how, then VIKILAND will be happy to help you with this!