Today, with so many drug companies releasing memories and the average American feeling uncomfortable taking prescription drugs, many people are turning to The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies as an alternative to medical treatment. Although people once relied on news and folklore to choose herbs for their needs, today there is scientific evidence and a multitude of studies showing how effective they can be. There are many herbal remedies available and there is not the lost book of herbal remedies scam; However, here are ten of the best herbal remedies that you will find today.

Chamomile - Chamomile is an herb that is mainly used today to treat digestive problems. In fact, this is probably one of the most famous herbal remedies as well. Helps relax the smooth muscles in the stomach and helps get rid of inflammation in the stomach lining. Chamomile is also an herb that is used for its calming properties.

Aloe Vera - When it comes to burning sensation, aloe vera is the herbal remedy of choice. In fact, it has been used in small incinerators for several years. It's easy to grow; In fact, it can be potted at home and is easy to care for as long as it is watered regularly. If a person suffers from a minor burn, simply pluck a leaf, cut it open, and apply the gel to the burn from the inside for a gentle effect.

Boswellia - Many people deal with joint problems like arthritis, and boswellia is an excellent herbal remedy for these types of problems. It is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat joint injuries as well as arthritis. The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies have told that osteoarthritis patients were given boswellia and after a few months the swelling of the joints showed signs of relief.

Echinacea - The flu and the flu are tough for anyone to deal with, and finding relief is often difficult, but another herbal remedy, Echinacea, is great for improving immune system function. Studies have shown that it helps reduce sinus infection symptoms and can speed recovery as well. Echinacea is found in teas, tinctures, and even capsules.

Evening primrose oil - Evening primrose oil has been shown to be a helpful herbal remedy for a number of different ailments. It was first found to be helpful for those dealing with cholesterol problems as it helps lower bad cholesterol levels. It has also been shown to be effective in treating people with rheumatoid arthritis as it is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Feverfew - Millions of people are faced with migraines today, and for those looking for herbal remedies that can help, feverfew may be the answer. Recent studies have shown that consuming this herb regularly can help prevent migraines.

Garlic - When it comes to herbal remedies, garlic is perhaps one of the most diverse and well-known on the market. Garlic can be used effectively to treat so many different problems. First, it is often used as an antibiotic because of its antibiotic properties and was used to treat wounded soldiers even during World War I. Garlic is also good for controlling cholesterol levels, and recent studies have shown that it can lower the risk of cancer as well.

Ginkgo - Ginkgo is an herb that shows promising properties to help people with Alzheimer's disease. The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies have shown that they improve blood flow to the brain and aid mental activity. But people without Alzheimer's can also benefit from it. In many adults, it can also improve true memory. Ginko has a number of other uses including sexual dysfunction and even erectile dysfunction.

St. John's Wort - For those dealing with mild depression, St. John's Wort is a great herbal remedy that really helps. In fact, it worked in many cases as per The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies guidelines.