One of the main benefits of using a Vape Pen Canada is that it is a much purer and healthier experience. The vaporizer heats the cannabis until the cannabinoids evaporate without burning the plant material. As a result, the vapor is free of carbon monoxide, tar, or other harmful toxins found in smoke.

When marijuana is burned, the smoke produced contains about 88% non-cannabinoid particles. In other words, smoke contains very little. Most cannabinoids are destroyed by heat during the burning process and instead produce potentially harmful particles.

Conversely, when cannabis vaporizes, the cannabinoid content of the vapor becomes 95%, with the remaining 5% consisting of a single PAH and caryophyllene, a non-toxic essential oil found in cannabis and many other plants. As a result, pure cannabis vapor is much healthier than smoke.

As explained above, vaporizers are much more efficient when it comes to getting the most out of cannabis. Some reports suggest that vaporizers are 30-40 percent more efficient than smoking. This means less cannabis is needed to get to the same place you smoke it.

Looking at the efficiency of 30% means that we are using one-third less weeds than usual, which is a significant savings over time. This savings guarantees that the evaporator will pay for it within six months, depending on usage.

Vaporization does not produce the same thick, adherent smoke as combustion. This is because it does not contain tar or other chemicals that can cause or adhere to clothing or other items. The vapor disperses within seconds of exhalation, and only nearby people can smell it for a moment.

This has many advantages. First, there is no smoke coming out of your house or clothes. Second, it adds a stealth element because it doesn't move far before the steam dissipates. This is a clear advantage if you want to be higher on the go. This is a particularly important property for evaporator pens.

Unlike some other ways of taking cannabis, vaporizers provide excellent dose control. It's easy to get the height you want. In addition, many of the latest convection vaporizers vaporize the herbs uniformly without destroying them like burning, so you can make the best use of the herbs.