In MMORPG games, whether mounts should exist has always been a boiling question. Recently, Amazon Game Studios launched the open beta of New World. Although it is now over, it deeply touched players who have gone through the testing phase. In fact, apart from them, almost all MMO fans are eager to enjoy the fresh fun in the official version of New World as soon as possible, and they have also found reliable sellers in advance to provide themselves with cheap New World Coins. This is the first game of its kind in a long time, and it can turn things around for Amazon’s shaky game department.

Let’s get to the point, should there be mounts in New World?
In fact, players travel very fast in New World, and it is actually possible to have no horses or other rideable animals. Honestly, it looks more like a complaint from players who want mounts in New World. The unwilling fans do not want to face the reality, but just want to do their best to get their suggestions adopted. When players feel tired after a long journey in New World to familiar places, mounts are the most common game design solution, but mounts can also bring losses. Amazon Game Studios are aware of it and are thinking of ways to deal with this problem.

MMO fans can find anywhere a debate about whether players need mounts in the discussion of New World. To sum up, fans have their own opinions on whether New World needs a mount. Some people think that mounts will make the world feel small. Some people just say that they don’t like this idea very much. They now appreciate the fun and fun New World brings. Or they link to we cannot domesticate a legend saying that animals on New World’s magical island.

People can search for this topic on any mainstream social networking site, and comments on this topic are definitely a swamp. Argument aside, New World will not have a mount when it is released. It will not appear immediately after the release. Although there may be mounts in the future, the developers are also considering how to Buy New World Coins, but they will not comment on this soon.

On September 28, 2021, New World will be available. Fans have obviously invested lots of energy for it. If there are still players who are not ready, they can learn practical guides, by the way, be quick to buy New World Coins with best price and service at IGGM, to seize the opportunity. As a professional MMORPG gold supplier, it also provides MMO fans with various other game currencies, such as ESO Gold, SWTOR Credits or FFXIV Gil and so on. Cheers for the arrival of New World!