"Sure, there are some great activists doing great work in very difficult situations, but they have never reached the same level as seen in Vancouver or Toronto. Somehow, culture for the environment. I think it's a little difficult for me. "

He believes that Canadian marijuana law still needs to be improved, but Larsen is now using the road to legalization of cannabis as a new frontier map: Magic Mushroom, a psychedelic of the same class as LSD. Drugs, mescaline under federal regulated drugs-and substance law (CDSA). How to find the best Microdose Shrooms?

Larsen, a founding member of the BC Marijuana Party and the Canadian Marijuana Party and a former editor of the Cannabis Culture Magazine, led a non-profit organization over a decade to play a role in the country's efforts to legalize cannabis. .. Open medical cannabis pharmacy. He believes that public disobedience and the normalization of cannabis stores that began in BC were necessary factors leading to legislative changes.

"One of the reasons why cannabis has been legalized, or at least one of the biggest, is that there are already hundreds of stores nationwide that openly sell cannabis in violation of the law, and the legal system can prevent it. Because it wasn't there, "says Larsen. .. .. say.

As with cannabis, Larsen believes that the path to legalizing magic mushrooms begins with medical debates that lead to legal struggles.

“It took more than 20 years for the law to finally change after the first patients in Canada had access to medical cannabis,” says Larsen.

"I think we'll wait at least 10 years before the law changes (in the case of Magic Mushrooms)."

In Canada, possessing, selling, and transporting silosibine mushrooms without a prescription or license is a criminal offense and can result in up to three years' imprisonment. Currently, there are no approved treatments containing psilocybin in the country.

Although it seems that the medicinal properties of Magic Mushrooms are increasing, in Canada there is little evidence that people may be physically or mentally dependent on drugs, but they change plants and their spirits. There are no plans to decriminalize the compound.