Amazon announced last Friday night that in order not to disrupt its peak broadcast period, it decided to postpone the transmission time of the New World server to this week. In other words, the player needs to wait a few more days. Since the release of MMO New World three weeks ago, the server transfer has been in progress. The long queue time and the full server peak exceeded 900K. Players tried to explore Aeternum at the same time, and many of them were trapped in the queue. Server transfer is free for every player who wants to take advantage of the transfer for some reason, mainly to end up playing MMO with their group of friends.

"We have tested the final part of the server transfer system and are ready, but we are making a difficult decision to postpone it until next week," New World developer Kay said on the official game forum. According to Amazon, the server transfer process continues every day. But as the weekend approaches, it is safe to say that as the war is announced and people get off work, the server will be crowded with players.

As for when the server transfer will be available, Amazon did not give an exact date. We also don't know how the server transfer will work. However, players do not need to worry too much, because the Amazon team has been discussing this New World Coins and believes that there will be a satisfactory plan.

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