Many players could benefit from this badge, however, big menin particular might be able to use the badge mt 2k22. Offensive players who are paired with those who wear the Intimidator badge are likely to have a lower success chance of completing a contest shot. It is essential to challenge shots in keeping baskets out, however, any additional boost will be of use. Make sure to incorporate this badge into your set in the event that you can.

Post Lockdown is yet another badge big men will require in NBA 2K22. This badge helps defenders improve their ability to stop post movements and backdowns. Power forwards and centers will require plenty of assistance when they play defense, so this badge should be of your top choices. It's useful if you find yourself in a group with players who likes post moves.

It's a must-have badge if you're large. Rebound chaser boosts the ability of the wearer to find rebounds at further distances. This, for most of the time gives the holder an edge in rebounding over those who do not.

The badge is not a reason to increase your chances of obtaining the exact animation you want when you rebound. Are you interested in creating a rebounding machine to help The City? It is important to raise all the rebounding attributes to the maximum extent you can cheap Nba 2k22 Mt, and then strive to get this badge maxed out.