It was last updated on December 9, 2021, making this the most up-to-date version available.)The Scarsdale Zoning Board of Appeals held a work session on December 8, 2021, during which they discussed revised requirements for fencing and screening around swimming pools in the city.


As explained by Village Planner Greg Cutler, the chair's concern that it had been more than two decadesspa pool swimsince any changes to the policy statement on swimming pools was addressed was the impetus for revising the policy statement on swimming pools. This will benefit all stakeholders because it will bring the board's policy statement more closely in line with the board's current practices and procedures, which will be beneficial to all stakeholders. The proposed language for the screening questions would require a continuous evergreen screening up to a height of five feet, which would be consistent with the current practice. The board also determined that it is no longer necessary to require that pool equipment be shielded from view when not in use from the interior of the lot, as was previously required.


Furthermore, he went on to explain that any swimming pools that are being built in an area that is subject to regulation must first obtain a flood plain development permit and then be constructed indrop in whirlpool tubs manufactureraccordance with our floodplain developmentlaws before they can be used for recreational purposes. However, permissions for those types of activities are extremely limited in comparison. Many parts of the country were inundated with water this year, with flooding occurring outside of floodplains that had previously been designated as such in many instances. The majority of pool applications do not necessitate the acquisition of a stormwater permit because they are not located in a FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area and only require stormwater management. As a result, for the vast majority of pool applications, a stormwater permitApron Whirlpoolsis not required. Stormwater permit applications are reviewed by the Village Engineering Department, which is under the jurisdiction of the Village Council. The Village Engineering Department is responsible for reviewing stormwater permit applications.