Hello Guys, I'm glad you found my Bike News Blog. Let us know about the best bikes under 1 lakh rupees.

1. Pulsar NS200 - The 199.5 cc engine in the NS 200 is capable of delivering 23.2 BHP and 18.3 NM torque. It also has a triple spark plug. This bike is priced between 99,000 and 1,12,000 rs.

2. Appace RTR200 4v - This bike comes with a 198cc engine that produces 20 bhp and 18 Nm torque. This bike is priced between 97,000 and 1,10,000 rupees.

3. Bajaj Pulsar 220F: This bike has a 220 cc. dtsi engine that is oil-cooled and twin-sparked. It produces max power of 21 PS at 8,500 RPM, and torque of 18.55 NM @ 7,000 RPM. This is why I placed this bike in third place. It offers a huge bike feel and a price that other bikes cannot match. This bike is very expensive at 95,000 rs.

4. Honda hornet160 - This bike is my favorite in its segment. This bike is the only one that offers CBS (combi brake system) in its class. Although it's less responsive than the gixer, it's more comfortable and fun to corner this bike. It's available at a base price of 96,000 rs.

5. Suzuki gixer: This bike is unique because it features a 154cc engine. It is also available with single-chanel abs. It can travel up to 120km per hour. It can travel between 50 and 550 km per gallon. The base model costs rs 78,000.

6. Bajaj pulsar NS160 - Bajaj launched his 200 NS bike pulser a few years ago and then launched their NS 160 baby beast pulser. It is powered by a 160.3cc engine that produces 15.3 BHP. It also has a 50km per liter mileage. It is available at RS 83,000.

These prices are only indicative of the price in the showroom. Prices may vary depending on where you live.

These Six Bikes Are The Best in Their Class.

If you want a smaller bike and a bigger feeling, then the Honda CB Hornet or Pulsar 160 Ns are for you.

Suzuki Gixer is the best option if you want an all-rounder bike.