Tiendatrops offers a wide selection of Spanish foods, from iberian ham to sushi. The store prides itself on local product quality, labelling its items with local designations of origin. For your convenience, all of Tiendatrops' items meet the strictest quality standards. To find out what your local store carries, click here. After all, you'll need some tips before visiting a local grocery store.

Trops aguacate

The aguacate is native to southern Spain and is considered a native fruit in the Mediterranean. The plant is widely used in cooking and is highly nutritious. It is an excellent crop in rocky soils and grows well with the appropriate fertilizer. In ad campaigns, it is often featured as a 'top seller'. But that's not all: it is also used in other food preparations.

Aguacates are an autoctonous fruit native to tropical America. There are three main ecological racial groups: the mexican, antillano and Florida. Florida varieties are intermediate between the two groups and are widely available. Depending on the variety, aguacates vary in flavor, size and color. While they lose a lot of their appearance and flavor when cooked, they are widely used in salsas, guacamole, and salads. Aguacates are nutritious and contain plenty of vitamin A and low cholesterol. The Florida variety is slightly less fatter.

Trops mango

The relationship between the agricultors and the Tiendatrops Trops mangos goes beyond the acquisition of cosechas. Trops' research team developed a technology that could analyze the mango tree's condition in diciembre, predict nutrient deficiency and predict when the fruit should be harvested. The result was a heightened level of quality and consistency in the Trops mangos.

The quality of the Trops frutas makes them an excellent choice for connoisseurs, and 90 percent of their production is exported out of the country. Tiendatrops is an online store with many different types of products. The products at Trops are sold at competitive prices and can compete with other Spanish fruit. The tienda is well-located in Madrid, making it easy for visitors to find and buy them.

Trops aguacate en la ensalada

An aguacate and lentejas salad is an ensalada that tastes like the tropics. Ideally, the aguacate should be cooked before being added to the salad. You can also dress the aguacate with agar and salt. But if you're looking for something a little less traditional, you can also add mango and gambas.

Trops mango en la ensalada

A Filipino favorite is mango salad. Served with grilled chicken, fish, or pork, this dish offers a delightful blend of sweet, sour, and salty flavors. You can make it without the shrimp paste if you wish, though the overall flavor profile will be slightly different. To make it a vegan meal, leave out the shrimp paste. Substitute any other dried fruit with similar sweetness.