• Drive them crazy, waste all their time, win big LULZ.
    This Tech Support Scammer Hates Me.
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  • How YouTube 'copyright claims' work in reality (and why BitChute is superior for lack of passive-aggressive content and money raep).
    9:09 https://youtu.be/yMuEeUyMfUo?t=549
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  • http://www.paulstramer.net/2019/01/think-of-it-as-rival-gangs.html
    Think of it as Rival Gangs
    By Anna Von Reitz You have two obvious choices, and both of them are bad.  They differ only in degree and kind of evil. Both are deceitf...
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  • Can I Burn Through Starlite?
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  • Is this going to be it? Starts in a few hours.
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  • Stunning! Epic! Beautiful! Fascinating! Historical! Amazing! Dramatic! A joy to watch. :>
    I'd like to submit this 'short film' for a festival of some kind for consideration. 10/10
    Largest Abandoned Factory We've Ever Explored! - Steel Mill Blast Furnace.
    The Proper People.
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  • Went to visit Canuck the crow today. The hill was empty and so I ate first (so he'd not get into my delicious veggie burger I brought with me). About 20 minutes passed by calmly. Canuck has such good eye-sight that he must have seen me from far off because at first I thought it was one of a few occasional crows in the area just passing by, but as I looked up from ground level as I was laying there relaxing, he was actually flying in from high up and swooped in fast and landed almost inches from my face and took a step right up to my face, and without my glasses on all I saw was a blurry version of Canuck. He was polite with me though (which I like) and waited until I opened something for him before he decided to chose the other things I usually have with me, which caught me by surprise. He ate right next to me and we talked a bit. Other crows spotted us swiftly and about 7 others came in and were "in orbit" on the ground around us both. The sharing began and we all had a nice calm "Vancouver winter" day (partly sunny, warm, no snow anywhere to be found). Considering the way humans have always treated me and that I refuse to take their "BS" and always stand my ground, the risk of homelessness is a perpetual constant for me, unfortunately, and with zero family alive since I was 16 years old, and no friends to stay with, I have to stay somewhere 'warm' (survivable) at my age "just in case" that tree right next to me (once again) becomes my home for a few months. Sure it's only a 2% chance according to the RTB that we could get a 'BAD decision' by a judge on the 25th of January regarding our criminal lying ignorant landlords illegal eviction notice, but still... that's a potentially fatal "2%" for me... so these little moments with Canuck matter to me. Better companionship than most humans I've ever known. I have a good tent if it comes down to that, perhaps a friend's back yard (I'l take what I can get if that happens), but I have a whole house of 'my life' that has to be stored somewhere as well... or I become that man under the bridge I wrote about earlier this week ("Worm"). 2% 'chance' has never felt so horrible, but this is what humans have always done to me without a care in the world on their part. At least animals are not monsters. Canuck would love to have me around more often, partly frozen or not... I respect that. He's superior people in my opinion. :>
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  • http://www.paulstramer.net/2019/01/dear-mister-trump-january-11-2019.html
    Dear Mister Trump --- January 11, 2019
    By Anna Von Reitz Dear Mister Trump I am writing to you today and publishing this letter worldwide in hopes that the scale...
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  • http://www.paulstramer.net/2019/01/the-exchange-stabilization-fund.html
    The Exchange Stabilization Fund
    By Anna Von Reitz The Exchange Stabilization Fund is nothing but a gigantic commodity rigging scheme --- and the commodity being rigged i...
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  • https://sable.godaddy.com/c/218510?id=3244351.1653.1.05ed5cef8dd356c79c5c92fa7b2b3934
    U.S.-led coalition says it has started Syria withdrawal
    The U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State has begun the process of withdrawin...
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