• The Z10nist (not"J3w1sh people") plot exposed, and Glenn Beck's CUCK to the "Z".
    #Evidence of #harm by #religion. #Belief is a mind-killer (more so than fear).
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  • Bible (Genesis) is a COPY of Sumerian (Non Bible, Non Religious) records. It's science, it's history, it's who "the gods" are. They do whatever they want. Humans are slaves, like cattle. Don't think you're better than "god" and "know" what's going on. Forget about it. Watch some fun YouTube videos, like this, and then 'swipe left'. Carry on. Belief in anything changes not their actions.

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  • "Small ideas for small minds."
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  • Simple stupid pranks for the lulz. :>
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  • This is the BEST internet radio station I've ever listened to! (And I listen all day whenever possible).
    Surreal art of extreme variety and some ironic self-parody along the way.
    Oh, and yeah, it's mine. :>
    Save that stream (in case the website is temporarily unavailable).
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  • Felix is about as honest as anyone could be.

    My 100 Mil Award BROKE!
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  • Incredible! I love this album!
    I hope our radio station gets a copy to promote to our listeners. ^^


    Centuries is the eternal ancestral knot that carries us forward through the eras. It is where past lives meet, oversouls converge, and shards of mortality write history across time.

    From our primal beginnings to ancient civilizations to mysteries that scatter themselves across this scarred planet our footprints are left behind. It is a map traversing our DNA from the soil to the stars. A journey that unfolds with hopes that others follow.


    Centuries - это вечный родовой узел, который несет нас вперед через эпохи. Именно там встречаются прошлые жизни, сходятся души, и осколки смерти пишут историю времени.

    От истоков до древних цивилизаций и тайн, которые разбросаны по этой израненной планете, наши следы остаются позади. Это карта, пересекающая нашу ДНК от почвы до звезд. Путешествие, которое разворачивается с предстоящими надеждами.
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  • Occult Jennifer
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  • #ShitStormArea51 LOL


    You can tell it's being created by humans.
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  • Why I Don't Believe PewDiePie! Trump’s BFF Is Spying On Him?!
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