• Cops hate people and LIE about almost everything! #Psychopaths with XXY or XYY chromosomes (Lack of love gene flaw). Only people with a low enough IQ are hired as 'cops' (look it up). They are slaves of #Baphomet goat dick sucking #FreeMasons and their #Royal handlers! "War on (so-called) drugs" costed YOU BILLIONS and ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING BUT FURTHER DEBT AND MURDER TO DATE!

    Kaitlin Bennett Attacked by Antifa! Boyfriend & Cops Do NOTHING!!
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  • A momentary lack of 'reason' (rant)...

    In over 50 years of life on this planet, NOT ONCE has a single "politician" ASKED ME for help in how to represent me IN THE SO-CALLED LEGAL SYSTEM what so ever! And whenever I have gone into their offices, half the time I AM REJECTED from even having the so-called "privilege" of speaking directly with them, let alone having a detailed telephone call to sort serious matters out that impact thousands of people just like me. What does that tell you about these #FreeMasonic #Baphomet club members and their minions? So why would I ever seriously vote for them other than to fuck the entire system up that has NEVER, NOT ONCE IN OVER 50 YEARS, even considered my life as having any value what so ever! I do a lot more than simply "don't vote", I create memes that collapse worlds (eventually), I plant seeds that cast enough doubt that formerly 'stable' agendas collapse, I speak freely as if every day could be my LAST, because in this shitty nightmare world, it very well could be... and I have been through enough HELL to KNOW exactly what I'm speaking about and why I do what I do. I have no specific details to share, and most I've probably forgotten about over the years anyway because I really don't care about a species that I have not been really that attached to since I was 13 years old - there's SO MUCH MORE to this multiverse (and I've LIVED IT MYSELF, DIRECTLY) that it makes the temporary human paradigm and even their 'containers' appear like nothing at all by comparison. There really is no reason to get attached to this place, any place, anywhere, at any time, let alone anyone in particular. Blame doesn't matter, this planet and species is what it is - whether I was alive or not - the ONLY things that truly change this world, and only barely, are doing what I do, as I do it. You can choose your own path and 'reasons' as you wish, I don't care either way... just make sure you get my direct face to face permission before you do ANYTHING against my will (interdimensional spirit and other non-human lives) otherwise David Paulides might end up talking about your mysterious vanishing along with the other THOUSANDS of 'vanished' people who are no longer in this dimension or timeline. :> Maybe I'm 'just joking'... maybe I'm more powerful than I portray myself in this fake digital public arena, but you'll claim whatever you want about me anyway, and even that I gave up on LONG ago when I retired from the paranormal (with a professional global non-government organization of many years). "Will the real Purple Crow please stand up, please stand up, please stand up" (dances). Now, ask me again why I do or don't 'vote' or beLIEve in 'government' even if I'm playing along to get through another day to see what else collapses tomorrow... or to give 'the system' a little push.... over the hill... to watch it crash below (reboot now!)... and I'll just dance some more as I crank the music on my 'insane' radio station of pure Chaotic Resonance. Hahahaha!

    ...but this is just a piece of something even beyond my own conscious comprehension... and...... WOW!!!!!!!!
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  • For someone... for all of us....

    If I were attached to this fake dimension, I'd scream "I AM SO TIRED OF LOSING (as part of the white male clan world wide)", but I know this is planned against me, against all of us, from the start... as a kind of game to make us all suffer in these 'containers'... to suffer more than any other could ever suffer. EVERYTHING is against us... everything. But I also know that it's all just a bad dream... a nightmare that seems to be the best stage-play we've ever fallen into and believed was real... but I often find myself being compared to one such as Bill Hicks, or George Carlin, or (of course) "Joker"... that it's all just a ride... and free will is ABSOLUTE! So we all brothers and sisters, have FULL PERMISSION from the greatest of divine creators to DO AS WE WANT!... whether under these current circumstances or not. And that fact is an individual choice that only I can make for myself as I did in 1987 LONG ago. I am older now... wiser... but tired... worn out from this illusion... but I KNOW I made the right choice to be FREE FOREVER, and not to fall into this dream too far, for too long, and believe that this is ALL there is to "me", or "you"... WE ARE SO MUCH MORE!!! Certain groups we may (or may not) agree with also explored these "powers" and they also discovered they are REAL. Use them as you WILL, as you WISH (create as creators do). Words, symbols, sigils, incantations, prayers, projections of will to CREATE new realities in this shared dream...and BUILD whatever YOU want with your spiritual power beyond this bad dream. Manifest your will as YOU wish. There is no 'law' against you! Only illusions of others who fear your true power beyond this fake reality. Blessings (however you wish them to be)... and stay true to yourselves. I ENJOY your liberty and share your plight, in my own way.... and there's much I don't say here.... but it's happening 'elsewhere' and sooner or later... it also HAPPENS HERE! :> The only certainty is uncertainty, the only constant is change.... this bad dream is not 'forever'... because it's not real... Only YOU are real! Not the dream... especially those of others. Stay FREE, be yourself, be-YOU-ti-FULL! Manifest your WILL from the deepest YOU there is.... and fuck this fake nightmare back into the pit of whatever "Hell" you can imagine that it came from! [FOUR NUMBERS] (if you wish)... but more so... (YOU HERE) instead (most powerful). :>
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  • It's 10:30 PM PST - 100% pure ambient sleepy time for my station, Chaotic Resonance. See you again for more CHAOS art at 10:30 AM tomorrow. Enjoy. :> http://chaoticresonance.com/
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  • Still not verbally chastizing India and China for this crap, Greta Thunberg?
    Figures... you're the slave of Actor and Director parents and their 'friends' who have an agenda while you're truly ignorant and speechless.
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  • Anti-Gun Mom Kills Her Kids w/ a GUN!! - MSM Silent!

    But she's innocent as all 'delicate flowers' (females) are... they are 'NOTHING LIKE' men... even if they are the exact same species. Just quoting them from other global presentations about their 'victimization' and 'total innocence'. #Sarcasm #Satire
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  • I will never get tired of this!
    That Scream was out of this World: Bushman Prank.
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  • How Strong Are Metals? Explosion + BROKEN WINDOW! Hydraulic Press Test.

    Watching this LIVE on Twitch was freaky when that metal fragment flew right past them and through two layers of window.

    #SafetyFirst when using a hydraulic press!
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  • This Geothermal Land Looks Like Another World

    The island that suddenly erupted from the ocean floor where the largest asteroid impact ever took place.
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  • A "format war" where everyone 'won'... more or less.

    How a forgotten 1949 Format War shaped the future of records
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