• FUCK ME RUNNING!! i fixed all of the current users data base and got all the users and profiles back!!! you just have to re-friend people.. hopefully i can fix that to goddamn corrupted data bases. Please check the Voice page to keep updated (i still have to remake that)
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  • ex wife
    1 used ex wife for sale!! cooks & cleans ish. bad tempeared, foul mouth many dings dent and rust. mostly held together with spit and ducktape and super glue. the 1st $25 cash in hand gets her. no returns all sales are finall and no warrentys included (based on age and condition and price if you want a wanrrenty your crazy dont bother then) must be able to pick up not willing to transport!!!
    US$25,00 (USD)
    In stock
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  • This is spot to stay updated with whats going on with the site and to report any bugs encountered
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  • --update--
    i'm still working on the app, im starting with android app 1st then i will tackle the ios version after that.
    also i am working on monitorizing any vids uplaoded to voice stay tuned for updates
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