Its time to end the shutdown. People need to pay the bills. Fellow Democrats its time to give up. It's become clear that the wall is necessary. I'm tired of having to pay for illegals healthcare, see them funnel our cash back to their country, pay no taxes keep all their money. It's time most of all to stop the child trafficking from the cartels through the borders. Both DemoCrats plus Republicans unite on this one to build the wall! Not just a $5.7 Billion Dollar Wall but a full wall that is $25 BIllion Dollars.
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The protest will begin at the Lincoln Memorial then then proceed to the Capitol Building. Please be friendly to both Democrat and Republican supporters who are going. It's time we came to our senses as Democrats realizing it's wrong to hold people back for wanting to have nice things by not paying high taxes. It's also very wrong to kill babies. Its time we Democrats woke up and helped the Republicans build the wall we so desperately need to keep drugs from cartels out of the country. They are bringing more than drugs. The MS-13 are trafficking children as well. They need to be stopped. It's time we as Democrats woke up to the atrocities we believe in. We are both here to end the shutdown to build the wall.
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