Devoted Patriots ..Working for the good of Humanity. We are Awake, Disciplined and our Topics are not Debatable. You have 2 choices Stay & Leave , Our Group will not be a Shill's Haven ,Political Correctness took a backseat 6000 years ago , when twisted Satanic Bloodlines started sacrificing/enslaving our Children. WE STAND UNITED AS <QNE> WE DEMAND Freedom for all and a HARDCORE end to Corruption and those bound to it ..not just here in America but around the world. We fight for the collective ..we awake the sleeping .. and we will SHINE THE LIGHT ON THE EVIL . WE ARE PATRIOTS .. WE DON'T SHUT UP .. WE DON'T BACK DOWN ..AND WE DON'T GIVE UP.. GOD BLESS ALL OF HUMANITY .
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What do you guys think of Tory Smith? He fought child trafficking and died.
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