This is the welcome page! If you are new to voiceanything make your first post here and meet new friends! We are all in this fight to end censorship! We just created this group for all the newcomers from YouTube Facebook and Twitter! You can create groups, advertise your products, create a blog and much more here! Enjoy!
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The owner of this website can go full time and add the final cool features this place needs like reccomended posts, admin abilities for groups, trending page, finish the app and lots of other stuff if you guys can donate! $3,000 covers the monthly salary needed. If you guys donate $1500 over the course of a month that works great as well. That means the owner of voiceanything can go full time for 2 weeks which is also plenty of time to put the final touches on the app and touch up the website. IF YOU CAN PLEASE DONATE! Eric was hospitalized for exhaustion trying to work a job and build this website. ITS ALMOST FINiSHED
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My name is Eric Hoover and I am the proud owner of a new social media website that  will never stifle your "Freedom of Speech". Many sites say they give you the  freedom to post whatever you choose, but then ban you or censor your posts when it does not fit their idealogical view points.  The do...
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