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VoiceAnything is giving away 100 3 month gold memberships (VOICE ANYTHING IS ALREADY FREE TO USE) to the first 100 people who can reach 50 friends.

All you have to do is get to 50 FRIENDS!!!! Once you hit fifty friends tag ToxicAdmin and he will credit you with a 3 month gold membership pass!

Simply text, email, and alert everyone on facebook to leave and join voiceanything.com!

Here are two things that will help when messaging friends and family.

1. Voiceanything will never sell your data. We are not Mark Zuckerberg. Your data is safe and will never be sold.

2. We have zero censorship. We will never censor you or take away your freedom of speech.

Be creative! If you get all 50 people to signup we will give you gold membership for life! Good luck and have fun!
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