Once in a while a person comes along and invents something that is not only stunning in it's simplicity but breathtaking in it's implications.
The HipStar™ is a re-evolution of human travel, another stride on the breakthrough into solving the very same problem that coaxed the invention of the wheel.

Seeking ~ 1 LAST Participant-Investors for: Phase 10 - Design for Commercialisation &
Pre-Orders are now available too!

The HipStar™ is a light, collapsible cart that makes it easy to move heavy items over any type of terrain; can be used as a cart, backpack, or bike trailer.

- Hiking deaths from dehydration and fatigue are now avoidable, without sacrificing travel goals.
- Load up on what you NEED, without sacrificing necessities that can tempt troubles in the Wild.
- Effective encumbrance on the Hiker is reduced by 90% AND! Burden-Free AND!! Hands-Free.
- DON'T MISS ANY holiday sites because of travel planning estimated on using generic-Backpacks, The HipStar™ makes it possible.
- The HipStar™ transforms easily into generic, and contemporary types of Carrier Systems, including bicycles.
- A Professional Photographer's work can be greatly benefited by, reduced manual handling, increased load capacity and providing hands-free motion so that the best shots can be captured in time.

To Pre-Order at 20% off - https://hipstar.us/

To Learn all about the invention - http://hipstar.net/

A Complete Playlist of the HipStar™ video productions and Testimonials from the final prototype users -

To Contact ART MATRIX and speak to the inventor about discussing being the LAST golden ticket winner

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