Age Discrimination

I have made over 200$ from my work as a digital artist, all of which is in PayPal
My parents got me a debit card so I could access it
Apparently BECU gives out debit cards for minors that can do shit all outside of withdrawing from their own account.
So I can't access ANY of that money I've made on PayPal.
I'm a minor. I'm running a small business from my own house making money selling art. I am planning on getting a youth work permit next year so I can get a "real" job too. And yet, even though I'm even farther ahead in life than many adults, I'm not allowed to reap the rewards of any of it because I'm a fucking minor
Shit like this should be celebrated! There cannot be any good reason a hard working person like myself should be exempt from reward just because I happen to be 14! It's absolutely baffling!
Honestly, I wish I could just skip the next four years of my life. High school is going to be absolute hell, for one, and it's pretty damn unlikely anyone is going to hire anyone below 16 even with a youth work permit. I just want all this fucking bull to be over with so I can finally live as a functioning member of society. Is that really so much to ask?

My parents have been really helpful through all this. They're offering to let me use their card for PayPal, but if I do that the process is going to be very roundabout and really infuriating. It'd be nice to actually make purchases without having to go through them for a change. This is why DeviantArt is great, the point system and all. It's pretty petty, I know, but I just want to be normal. I feel like that's not a lot to ask.

#age_discrimination #discrimination #discrimination_against_minors
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