• Pinned message: The #Australian government and most Australian internet providers have actually begun blocking certain news and free speech social media platforms since the Christchurch mass murder was streamed live on Facebook. (Facebook isn't blocked though !?!) Now is the time to start learning how to circumvent #Aussie #censorship so you can teach others. For example, if you can't access the #BitChute free speech video platform, you are affected.

    1. First, learn about how to change your #DNS on your phone, computer or even your modem-router.
    2. Later on, learn about how to download and use a #VPN to beat future next level censorship.
    3. If you can't do 1 or 2, try calling your internet provider and complain. It worked for me (Vodafone unblocked Bitchute after I complained)
    4. Learn to diversify your social media platforms: Begin with the main alternatives: Bitchute(video) Gab(like Twitter), Minds(like Instagram), MeWe(like Facebook) and the #Steem family of censorship resistant blockchain apps. When sharing links of videos with your normie friends on the legacy social media, try using links from alternative sources to help friends become familiar with them too. Finding alternative sources to #YouTube videos on other platforms is best achieved using the #JoshWho and #PeteyVid search engines

    I made a quick video tutorial on how to change DNS on your phone (this link is not censored in Australia)
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  • #IanCorzine, #YourSocialMediaLawyer on the huge changes coming to #YouTube called #COPPA. Time to use a different platform. (#BitChute links are banned in #Australia, #NZ and some other countries. Learn how to change DNS, try the Nebulo app, or learn how to use a VPN)
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  • Naomi Brockwell TV: Android camera app security flaw. (#BitChute links are banned in #Australia, #NZ and some other countries. Learn how to change DNS, try the Nebulo app, or learn how to use a VPN)
    Hacking Phone Cameras
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  • Galaxy Platform - TEASER Release

    LINK -

    "...No longer will people or businesses need to use countless apps to get things done or researched or managed. Online Web & App Users will be able to trade, communicate, swap, auction, barter, network, promote, showcase, self-publish, pay for, create content, attend events, market, sell, join, find, manage content, transform, entertain, game, make friends, keep in contact, date, express, link up, archive, exchange, upload, collaborate, share, download, personalise and so much more."

    Register your interest for a personal presentation via connection-message to -

    #TheNewInternet #AustralianMade #FullSolution #Meritocracy
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