• I remember these days well. Hidden secrets on vinyl records and on ye olde floppy disks. (I was a part of that myself). :> This is a good one to watch. Enjoy the nostalgia (for those my age). The rest of you may be a little surprised at the age of this classic trick.

    35 Year-Old C64 Easter Egg Hidden On Vinyl.

    Note: I used to code in three languages in 1981-1986 and even created my own "PGP" ("CS-8") (before it was 'invented' later by Phil Zimmerman), based on my interest in the German Enigma machine.... only my version was 'computerized' and a LOT faster! Got me 'watched' as a kid. You can imagine the rest. Military "Earth father" was not happy.
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  • Science-Fiction?... Or truth?

    "Did you have fun playing this video game with me?", said Uncle Mason to their extended family member.
    "Yeah, you're better at it than I am.", said the child.
    He then pressed 'UP' 'DOWN' 'LEFT' 'RIGHT' on the controller and placed it down and watched her eyes as they looked back to the screen and found the altered image. O.O "...Why is she doing THAT.....?" A moment later the image reverts back to 'normal'.
    He looks to the screen, "Doing what?...", asks Uncle Mason as he smirks and follows her description and questioning. (You can imagine the rest).

    Hidden in code, in plain sight, for those 'in the know' and for no one else to discover. That's how they roll, only it's not just video games where they've been doing this since their inception as the world's biggest cult of Baphomet worshipers.

    Is Uncle Mason taking care of your kids right now somewhere? What buttons is he clicking while you're away? Creepy huh?

    ...and who would ever believe your 'conspiracy theories'?... Or her 'wild imagination'?
    ...And how could you ever prove it anyway, without the codes that they gladly kill to keep secret under the strictest of oaths?

    Again... Science-Fiction?... Or truth?

    (Censored pictorial evidence obtained through public resources - Oops, I guess it leaked somehow after all.) :>

    (Don't even get me started about Walt Disney...) *Sighs* (Club 33).

    Ref: "Shocking Easter Eggs in Kid Games Analyzed & Ranked"
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  • Hey... I'm OK but...... my best friend Connie (Eastern USA) passed today. She's been wanting this for a long time, and now she's finally free of this wicked Earth. I'm so happy for her and I know what she's up to right now.... but I'll be a little strange for a while probably due to this news just now. I'm OK though, for the most part. I've known Connie very closely for much of my life. We've shared many 2-3 hour long conversations by phone so many times over the years. She's one feisty dragon spirit. Southern gal. Anyway.... This is so you all know what I'll be going through this week or so - might not be what you go though... but it's something to me. Not many things left to keep me here on Earth much longer either...... I'm gonna have a drink in her honour. Damn, I'll bet she visits me soon too. This could get interesting.
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  • The load must have come from the docks, then Ringwood bound on the Eastern fwy
    The shops on the corner is where the spyware shop is apparently. You
    can see the cars coming from a side st as they were diverted from Middleborough rd for the truck.
    The side sts around the shops is where Laburnam station is
    Bridge Wide Load Move Doncaster and Box Hill
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  • A black chopper that flew directly above me a few minutes ago. It flew around for a few minutes from Middleborough rd hovered over the Eastern freeway then hovered over me as I was standing at the end of our drive way, they could see I was photographing them. They eventually headed towards Melb airport. That's not a normal police chopper. A police chopper is clearly marked police on both sides
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  • REAd it teach truth stop the devil honoring in your pathetic lives get right with GOD while we still can

    Easter beginnings in goddess Ishtar worship not Christ
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  • PAgan origins of Easter or Ishtar goddess of fertility worship (bunnies and eggs)

    Not Christ at all Passover he was crucified on APRil 19-27th not next week !
    He rose that Sunday not next week !!!!!
    Paganism GOD have mercy on the ignorant
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  • The EU, as a whole, is made up of serf's being abused by their individual gov'ts...this happens when you give up your mode of independence (your guns) & now there's a revolution occurring in France & Easter Europe that will spread...
    British Man Jailed for Writing Rude Christmas Card
    The rapidly spreading control of speech was underlined Friday when a court jailed a man for writing a sexual Christmas card to his neighbour.
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  • Rus News

    Published on 28 Nov 2018

    "No Russia - No World!" - World Order 2018 (Full Feature Film)

    World Order 2018 is a documentary movie by TV host Vladimir Soloviev, in which he discusses with Russia’s President Putin the major events of the past few years; the Syrian situation, the destruction of the Middle East, the expansion of NATO, the immigration crisis in Europe, the destabilisation of Eastern Ukraine, the situation in Crimea, US-Russian relations, and of course the potential nuclear arms race.

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  • Russia Insight

    Published on 7 Nov 2018

    Ex-Israeli Intel Boss On Trump's Eastern Europe Policy And China Taking Over Taiwan!

    #realnews #Australia
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