• I've been doing the "nudge" thing, and now I'm gathering the herd. Won't be long before the FB A (not so) I figures out, and starts redacting my FB posts. When you get here, as one of my FB friends, Copy the following, go back, and PASTE it as a post on FB.

    "Here's the alternative to FB, which is the "Starbucks" of the social-media world: In lower case, with no spaces or underscores, VOICE_
    Why pay Starbucks exorbitant prices for bad coffee, just for the privilege of hanging with hateful, sore-loser Democrats?"

    Copy and paste the second paragraph into your FB page. I'll post a couple more. Bottom line: FB want's to CONTROL our discussion, and what we see/hear. They're packaging our personal information and selling it for profit (that's how they make the money to keep herding us around). DUMP 'EM.
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  • Pinned message: The #Australian government and most Australian internet providers have actually begun blocking certain news and free speech social media platforms since the Christchurch mass murder was streamed live on Facebook. (Facebook isn't blocked though !?!) Now is the time to start learning how to circumvent #Aussie #censorship so you can teach others. For example, if you can't access the #BitChute free speech video platform, you are affected.

    1. First, learn about how to change your #DNS on your phone, computer or even your modem-router.
    2. Later on, learn about how to download and use a #VPN to beat future next level censorship.
    3. If you can't do 1 or 2, try calling your internet provider and complain. It worked for me (Vodafone unblocked Bitchute after I complained)
    4. Learn to diversify your social media platforms: Begin with the main alternatives: Bitchute(video) Gab(like Twitter), Minds(like Instagram), MeWe(like Facebook) and the #Steem family of censorship resistant blockchain apps. When sharing links of videos with your normie friends on the legacy social media, try using links from alternative sources to help friends become familiar with them too. Finding alternative sources to #YouTube videos on other platforms is best achieved using the #JoshWho and #PeteyVid search engines

    I made a quick video tutorial on how to change DNS on your phone (this link is not censored in Australia)
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  • I just like to say something that this site feels like it's been abandoned or can't be accessed on other browsers. For some reason Waterfox, Comodo Dragon/Icedragon, Epic Privacy Browser, Vivaldi, and many others end up with an error page that looks like this. If there is some way the developers/coders can fix this issue, I believe we will see more activity on this page than what we have here.

    This is quite sad considering this could have been a great alternative site to Facebook. But now it feels like a deserted place. I will check back here and maybe try to get this place popular by featuring this in my own movies. Maybe then people will find out about this site and make it more active again (just like
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  • Internet users who can't access Bitchute and other alternative social media in Australia due to their ISP behaving like it's run by the KGB can change their DNS to on their PC or device. It's worth learning this stuff now while the info still exists.
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  • If they don’t censor it!
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    15 alternatives to antibiotics
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  • The New Citizen

    Vol 7 No 1 Oct/Nov 2009

    The TRUE History of the Founding of Australia ~
    RESTORED!!! by the CEC of Australia

    A quote from pg15

    John Dunmore Lang(Rev. Dr. John Dunmore Lang, Australia’s
    founding father.)
    If one may speak of the “Founding Father” of a truly sovereign Australia, it is the Scottish Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Dr. John Dunmore Lang (1799-1878).
    Inflamed with admiration for the ideals of the American Revolution, Lang proclaimed that Australia must, and inevitably would become what
    he termed the “America of the Southern Hemisphere”, or, alternatively, the “United States of Australia”.

    #realnews #REALAustralia #AustralianChampions #TheOriginalAlliance #TheBetrayal #War
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