• Purple Crow - I believe in nothing

    I hope you're listening because I'm not making any sense here.

    Source material: My hand held recorder.
    Editing: Lots of it.

    Thanks to Philippe Neau & Dariusz Jackowski for hacking my hacked sounds even more on "What the hell?". (Hybrid Collusion)

    The story exists only in your mind. Do you work in artistic video production? Create something visually surreal from these works if you wish. Give me credit for sound design. Enjoy.

    "More disturbing art made by mentally ill people."
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  • I finished another album today. It's really messed up. :> I like it.
    Working on a ridiculous album cover now.
    I'm open to the designs and art of others as I decide what I want to do here. Contact me directly if you are an artist who finds dark surrealism and ambient collage madness 'fascinating'.
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  • I'm always catching up on so many rare artists out there... and I thank you all for doing what you do... your creations sustain me.

    Transmissions by Black Box Memories

    Sumatran Black Records presents a collection of hazy subconsciousness, enigmatic loops and nostalgic pads.

    'Transmissions' is the debut release of Black Box Memories, a side project of Sumatran Black.

    "While mixing and editing the follow up to 'In the Dread', I still felt I had some creative momentum and was producing a number of tracks that I was extremely happy with. They just didn't fit in the overall sound and concept of 'Fathomz' but I thought that together they made a pretty nice collection of ideas. So here they are" - sb
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  • 1970 Transistor radio; best portable sound around, fits in your hand, sounds like shit, 100% high end 'tinny' (thin, annoying, harsh) crap.

    2019 Cell phone streaming music; ...Uhhhh... I'm sorry I can't tell the difference... neither can my professional audio equipment. Sounds exactly the same to me. 100% high end 'tinny' (thin, annoying, harsh) crap.

    50 years of NOTHING! And you wonder where all the good music went as a result? Really?!!!!

    It's amazing what humans will pay 1000% more for in 50 years to get the same OLD CRAPPY SOUND.

    We used to build our own transistor radios from kits as school projects.

    As an album producer I can tell you that MOST people today are only hearing about 1/4 of the actual frequencies that exist in real life. ...and this is another reason I quit working at a major label in the 90's for such low pay... No one noticed GOOD quality sound anymore anyway... so why get paid so little to help produce it and no one even notices your hard work?

    Today people take "CLASSIC ROCK" and play it through the SHITTIEST devices possible and just take that crap up their asses like the bitches that they are not taking the artists seriously at all. It's the greatest dishonour imaginable to all us audio professionals worldwide!!!

    And as far as your 'trendy headphones' go... fuck that shit too! They're TRASH! Throw them out and go to a REAL STORE and TRY AND COMPARE FIRST before you just throw cash around like nothing on this whole "on line purchasing" CRAP you're all into a bad habit of doing. Disgusting!

    20 Hz to 18 Hz Frequency response at 192 KBps for my own radio station and I think it sounds like 'crap' compared to the original wave files and my own vinyl, but it's all I can afford for this massive PROMOTIONAL EFFORT (commercial free) on my part... but you'd never be able to tell anyway as you play my glorious station on your SHITTY cell phones and whatever else you have. Horrible.

    I'll bring in someone who gets where I'm coming from... see what Mr David Lynch has to say about your habits... Oh, modern consumer of cheaply made over-priced Chinese crap with your completely senseless approach to disrespecting all this WONDERFUL FINE ART out there!
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  • Time 1:39 - Ever find yourself in a public place and suddenly realize you're alone and ponder "If I could just fade away... would anyone ever figure out how I did it?" and imagine something like this? Someone did. I do, in assorted ways... Like walking past a tree and becoming the bark... staying in that form as long as I wanted. I think artists ponder such notions on occasion when out somewhere in the crowd just as they get that moment between groups of people. Creative thinking of the hermit and anti-social misfits of society. The rest of these videos are the usual assortment of "Things to laugh at" for the most part. I enjoy that also. :>
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  • Had to be sure first, but, yes, we are back "on the airwaves". We had to deal with some more 'stuff' first, but it's all good now. Enjoy FREE MUSIC (promotional), and be sure to purchase items you like from the artists and labels themselves. :>
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  • My friend Jeff from Those Things featured in the new Vinyl Eyezz video.
    Quick peek at 0:30 of the cover of one of their singles.
    Woohoo! Indy band fame! ^^
    Always worth watching Jarrett's videos about all these amazing vinyl records and artists.
    Those things direct orders:
    #PunkPop #ThoseThings #Vinyl #Collectors
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  • Hahaha.

    Scam artist calls police officer and threatens to arrest her.
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  • Two free downloads from Jarguna!

    From Sam: "You might wonder why I regularly give away downloads from this amazing Italian electro-ambient-drone artist. Why isn't Projekt trying to get every possible penny from the albums we release? The answer is pretty simple — I want people to hear Jarguna's work. I love the music he creates, I listen to it for hours and hours over here; it's a perfect fit for fans of Projekt's ambient side. Ok, but that doesn't explain why it's free. I find that any price point is an obstacle to people checking out new music from artists they aren't familiar with. There's so much available these days, it's hard to get people to listen. Giving the music away allows Projekt and Jarguna to add something nice to your listening space where you can give the music time to work it's magic on you. That's why I do it!"

    Also tune in to for 24/7 music and art explorations.
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  • WOW! Nice! :>

    Vidna Obmana - Twilight Of Perception 3

    Third chapter in a series of selected works recorded between 1993 and 2007. Some were released on 'various artists' compilations, other remained unreleased.
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