• And THIS is why I could NEVER fit in with the "become an American" (extreme right) crap either. Here's Paul JW lumping crazy shit in with beautiful painted ambient textures as if they are the same thing once again. And here's my FAVORITE Thomas Koner album cover! PJW is not an artist or art consumer. Half his stuff is OK with me, the other half is just the smell of Alex Jones' left hand. This is where the JAPANESE GET ME!!! Other nations never will.
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  • Do you realize how many "dark artists" are actually light fluffy heads? In fact, in many cases, the more "dark" their public portrayal is, typically the more passive and simple-minded they tend to be. Meet them in person and see for yourself how fluffy and warm they really are, or how much they LOVE EVERYONE. Their "dark music" is a mockery of wasted potential "on sale". Don't buy into weak fluffy basic symbolism and banal commonality. Truly dark and controversial artists are not typically found under the most common of pop-culture terminology. You have to discover it for yourself, or create your own. But never fall for the hype... they are the worst of that world. Those who do just do!
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  • We have nests of scam artists here in America to dig out
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  • To all the peeps who know me, please consider supporting my friend Asha in his work.
    He is a dedicated artist, patriot and creator, as below, and I would appreciate it if you can spare something small every month to go to supporting his work on Patreon.
    Asha Logos is creating A new social media platform, unique video content + live stream | Patreon
    Become a patron of Asha Logos today: Read 16 posts by Asha Logos and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.
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  • Another MEGA COLLECTION of fine art curated by my friend Raffaele. :> Check these rare underground eclectic artists out and consider the amazing offer before you and get a copy of both volumes.
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  • Now aside from geoendineering and chemtrailing being admitted to combat a hoax of global warming for greed when the earth has cooled earlier by 20 degrees not warming by three . By the end of December all 48 states will be experiencing some form of global cooling white stuff . Al Gore you lying asshat prick scam artist .

    Now they want to add baking soda I’m not kidding baking soda to the skies being done over Navajo and national monuments this weekend all to promote more cooling because they lie it’s not warming .
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    Arizona Supreme Court to Consider: Can Christian Artists be Jailed for Views?
    The Arizona Supreme Court Tuesday agreed to hear a case involving two Christian artists who could face fines and jail time if they don’t create artwork celebrating same-sex weddings.
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  • Biography

    SebVé is the live electronic music act of Canadian composer and performer Sébastien Vaillancourt. His live act features various performance approaches revolving around his keyboard skills, around body-sensors and live-coding. He is currently working on the promotion of his latest LP entitled “Maximum Intra” that came out Nov. 1st, 2018. | |

    He has a bachelor’s degree of composition from the Université de Montréal, and will soon get his master’s degree in electroacoustic music from the Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler” Berlin.

    Over the years, SebVé has been forging his style, building a sound-world that artfully combines noises with micro-tonal harmonies to create electronic poems. He has searched long and wide to craft and refine his own timbres and to forge complex harmonic worlds into a rather short and straightforward format that is well represented in Maximum Intra.

    “Late 2016 I was asked to compose ambient and meditative tracks for meditation and relaxation purposes. Although I didn’t engage into it because of diverging artistic views, with this idea in mind I started composing some meditative-like pieces on my own behalf. The first one was called Maximum Intra 1, which name is an explosion of the Sanskrit word “Mantra” (song, hymn), exploded into two Latin words: Maximum (furthest, highest) and intra (inside), “the furthest inside”. Another one of the album’s pillars are Daydream-e and Daydream 5. The idea of the Daydream pieces is to put into music the work of the mind as it actively circles around persistent ideas. The album Maximum Intra really focuses on the Mind and its playfulness"

    Now focusing on the Live shows, SebVé is building up his reputation in Europe.
    SebVé | Composer & Performer of Electronic Music
    SebVé. Berlin based composer & performer of electronic music.
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  • One of the most exciting things in my life is the joy of seeing musical productions from many years ago reborn through the digital world and more active than ever before! How delightfully exciting!

    Touch is right here! ...and that's just one event. Check out their library and grab a few releases if you can and support rare eclectic artists in what they create for us all. :>

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  • I'm listening to "I Ain't The One" by Lynyrd Skynyrd on Pandora.
    I Ain't The One
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pandora
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