• WOW! Nice! :>

    Vidna Obmana - Twilight Of Perception 3

    Third chapter in a series of selected works recorded between 1993 and 2007. Some were released on 'various artists' compilations, other remained unreleased.
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  • "What a time to be 'trending' on a radio station! ...When I'm about to become homeless!" Purple Crow (surreal ambient artist).

    Jasper Sloan Yip, the Music Department Manager of CiTR radio 101.9 FM in Vancouver BC, has told me that I'll be featured in the next music magazine for their station due to the number of times my songs have been played recently on their station. The timing could not be more strange. It is nice to know that at least a few people are enjoying my rare art.
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  • Music that sustains me, my only reason to exist. (PC)

    We are pleased to present the debut full-length album of the Berlin-based project Notum! Despite releasing a debut full-length only now, Notum is not a newcomer to the world of experimental music. The first digital EP "Wooden Grandmother" was released back in 2015 and was followed by a series of self-released EPs, last year there was a joint cassette with Neznamo, and a while back the project’s mastermind Ikk Ygg even played a couple of times in a live line-up of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum.

    It's damn hard to describe the music of Notum in just a couple of succinct words, although the author himself uses the terms "experimental / free-form". The unwillingness to follow any particular musical style creates an interesting multiverse in which the listener moves from room to room, sometimes without even noticing how this happens. Here you are crinkling from noise and shrill frequencies (one track is recorded with the drone-noise project Kryptogen Rundfunk), then you are relaxing from a soft piano, totally sinking in an odorous floral drone – and bam! – jumping from an unexpected sample, foolishly giggling, and then starting to tap your foot, sometimes breaking into a real dance.

    It all sounds like a psychedelic labyrinth built by a sonic architect with a brisk imagination and a peculiar sense of humor, or a bright morning dream in which scenes are changing in an unpredictable way, completely absorbing the dreamer. The oneiric theme is also emphasized by the incredible artwork created by the Californian artist and musician Matthew Waldron (irr. app. (ext.)). The physical edition of the album is available in two versions: a CD limited to 100 copies in a glossy 4-panel digisleeve and an audio cassette limited to 30 copies.
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  • Weeerd soundz frum ah straang artist. herd ohn Chaotic Resonance (com)
    #Dark #Drone #Ambient
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  • An artist I admire had this public complaint: I've finally given in to the ultra conservative numb nuts in the music industry. A censored version of the artwork for the album is now available for wide distribution on iTunes, Spotify etc. You can of course still obtain the original cover with "Nazi Iconography" as they call it from BandCamp.

    My idea: Want to start a movement with me? Change all of our album covers on Band Camp to Thor's Hammer or some ancient Pagan symbol that's "as yet to be banned by idiotic paranoid ignorant leftists and SJWs" from our shared history with calm pride standing our ground for (or in solidarity with) white history, culture and 'religion'. Should these things not be treated as equally protected by law? Why are they not? It's about time for re-balancing our representation. No fear. Keep your original covers but place them as 'additional items/artwork' on your releases in this idea for this movement. Imagine every genre of music doing this and having the same (or similar) artwork as a movement against leftist extremism, fear, paranoia and ignorance to re-balance our culture as EQUALLY REPRESENTED and PROTECTED in today's unbalanced ridiculous over-reactive, over-sensitive society. Just an idea... what do you think? What's your input? Just planning this today.

    What about you?
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  • Some amazing new albums donated to Chaotic Resonance that you absolutely must listen to!

    Deep experiments in social disenchantment.
    Various artists - "Le Danger d'Engendrer"

    Absolutely killer noise! Fantastic!
    Various - "La Gamme du Vide"

    Sounds to destroy a society of facade.
    Un Regard Froid - "Palinodie (Anticinema)"

    Soundtrack for a dysfunctional species.
    Camecrude - "Enclave I"

    Thank-you Cioran Records! :>
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  • BIden hiring campaigns gun artists that appeal to the black voter don’t never fooled my friends that man is a pedo !
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  • Another review of Twin Peaks... people still trying to figure out why dreaming makes no sense and yet feels SO IMPORTANT.

    Twin Peaks Is A Dream Inside Laura Palmer's Head | Fan Theories

    "I've got good news..." David Lynch made everything up in his head ...but we're not even here... it is all a dream we're having that David even exists. All this dreaming is a chance to play out our ideas from another world as the ultimate distraction in an infinite void... we are but children playing with our toys, which are ourselves, these bodies, these assorted time lines in a perpetually bifurcating multiverse within this dream world. Clues: Everywhere we go, historically and recently, people, at some point, 'wake up' to this and state such, from ancient gurus to Jim Carrey and David Lynch, or Bill Hicks and anyone who's ever traveled through the doorway of light upon death (and returned) or done DMT. Clues everywhere, even our own 'dreams within this dream'... our so called 'paranormal encounters' with ghosts who know 'impossible' things to 'alien encounters'. David is merely expressing these things in his own artistic way that is ultimately only his own dream while here, that we watch and try to 'figure out'... when it's all just free-flowing art on his part within this shared dream - David speaks directly to our subconscious rather than our conscious (dreamer) selves, that's why his art 'makes so much sense' and yet 'makes no sense at all' at the same time. Even science is starting to discuss parallel worlds very 'seriously' and 'prove' that this is indeed 'true'. And sure, why not? It's our multiverse... we can dream up whatever want, any time, with our free will (manifestation). This is why if you believe in something with enough conviction... it 'comes true' (Magick!) Give it a try... The rice test will shock you to your core that I am correct about these things. "...and I look forward to seeing you all again, real soon." :> Wags reptilian tail and smirks ^^

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  • Billy Corgan: ‘Shapeshifting Reptilians’ Run The ‘Satanic’ Music Industry.

    Comment 1: TOH LPC: But the positive ones run independent stations like Chaotic Resonance internet radio where we promote unknown artists who do what THEY want (Liberty, Free will, no limits, no pop culture mind control crap). ^^ If humans can and are both 'evil and good' (subjectively) so are all other life forms.

    Comment 2: TOH :LPC: Also note that if one goes with the controlled opposition thing that Alex Jones has been exposed as doing (By Adam Green) and Billy Corgan is a featured guest along with David Icke, it's just another 'actor' playing their part as they all team up to keep humans SCARED of them to help maintain their power over everyone's mind... the bad ones that is. It could be that simple and only seem complex by their number. Look at Royalty. Lizards everywhere, but they are less than 1% of the global population. Put on an equal playing field in a fist fight and it's over for them. So what do they really have other than making SURE that fear of them being in charge of everything and living EVERYWHERE as a global meme to maintain their positions? That's about it. All those Satanic rituals are designed to keep humans afraid of them. It's a classic trick. Poor buggers are so lost, but they do know humans far too well, that's why it all works as it does.
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  • The Most Realistic Robots! (2018)
    The last one is amazingly artistically beautiful.
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