• Get Ready! PG&E To Cut Power In California Wednesday, Blackouts Could Last a DECADE
    10 years of rolling black-outs in California. "Fuck your businesses and productions!"
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  • You know on YouTube shows like "React couch" when they show Dr Phil clips and sometimes there's a little bit of background sound effects that you can't quite hear or some 'music'? I miss the old days of YouTube where I could catch an 'illegal glimpse' of tiny portions of those things that some no-name session musician and tech graduate created ONLY for "TV viewers". Awe, man... I'm so sad that mega-corporations like Sony took those little almost inaudible moments out of my life. They are so 'cruel'. What will I ever do without ever being able to not grab any of those boring, redundant, over-used, silly, idiotic one-second sounds that most of us never even noticed before? I mean... I must have had some MASSIVE ideas about 'stealing' them and actually SELLING THEM to you, my readers, or something like that.... why else would they be so PARANOID as to destroy whole channels' revenue over such insignificant useless crap? Obviously there's such a massive black market for these things........ isn't there? Can anyone tell me if there is? Seriously...... there has to be the way they are behaving. How much money are you all making from this global scam that I've yet to hear about on the entire World Wide Web? Man, Sony sure is good at censoring things from the entire internet before they even happen! It's too late for me I guess. Oh well. I sure am gonna miss those little moments. Thanks a lot, Sony!!!
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  • An older Chinese male walked to my unit, the male in this truck showed me a photo of the black hi lux truck he was driving ILK7KK
    The male driving this truck was here yesterday looking at the property as it was for sale.
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  • The Box Hill masonic building/black cube Whitehorse rd Box Hill
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  • Just out on my friend's label. 8th tower records. Nice! :>

    Witchcraft & Black Magic In The United Kingdom
    by Various Artists

    Witchcraft has had a fascinating and turbulent history in the UK. Through periods of persecution and prejudice, it has survived to the present day and many people still practice the tradition now.
    From the 7th century onwards, attitudes towards the practice began to change. During the medieval period, fears over so-called ‘black magic’ began to emerge. This referred to the power of witchcraft to bring harm to others. An association was also drawn between witchcraft and the devil.

    Read the full article by Brett Almond

    This Eighth Tower Records release is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Williams, brilliant music critic, musician and dearest friend, I had the honor and pleasure to collaborate on this project. His sudden departure hurt me deeply, but didn't stop me from carrying on with the work we started together. A work in which his memory continues to be alive.

    Raffaele Pezzella
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  • I'm always catching up on so many rare artists out there... and I thank you all for doing what you do... your creations sustain me.

    Transmissions by Black Box Memories

    Sumatran Black Records presents a collection of hazy subconsciousness, enigmatic loops and nostalgic pads.

    'Transmissions' is the debut release of Black Box Memories, a side project of Sumatran Black.

    "While mixing and editing the follow up to 'In the Dread', I still felt I had some creative momentum and was producing a number of tracks that I was extremely happy with. They just didn't fit in the overall sound and concept of 'Fathomz' but I thought that together they made a pretty nice collection of ideas. So here they are" - sb
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  • It's your journey, we're here t help.

    Colorful Places to Live and Play by Atasehir

    The titles are taken from aspirational advertising slogans of various residential developments from around the world.
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  • I find this work a fascinating series of fragmented memories and atmospheres.

    Missing Heart Pieces by Black Box Memories

    “Missing Heart Pieces” is the sophomore release of Sumatran Black side-project Black Box Memories.

    Moving away from the mournfully dark atmosphere of "Transmissions”, “Missing Heart Pieces“ is a more sentimental body of work that sees this project move in a more melodically oriented direction.

    Featuring spoken contributions from long lost friends, samples of once forgotten compositions from his own archive and a lot of tape hiss and trembling oscillators, “Missing Heart Pieces” is the soundtrack to the innate loneliness that lurks inside us all.
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  • Incredible! I love this album!
    I hope our radio station gets a copy to promote to our listeners. ^^

    Centuries is the eternal ancestral knot that carries us forward through the eras. It is where past lives meet, oversouls converge, and shards of mortality write history across time.

    From our primal beginnings to ancient civilizations to mysteries that scatter themselves across this scarred planet our footprints are left behind. It is a map traversing our DNA from the soil to the stars. A journey that unfolds with hopes that others follow.


    Centuries - это вечный родовой узел, который несет нас вперед через эпохи. Именно там встречаются прошлые жизни, сходятся души, и осколки смерти пишут историю времени.

    От истоков до древних цивилизаций и тайн, которые разбросаны по этой израненной планете, наши следы остаются позади. Это карта, пересекающая нашу ДНК от почвы до звезд. Путешествие, которое разворачивается с предстоящими надеждами.
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  • Tucker Carlson: There’s Already Hints That There are Epstein Blackmail Tapes (VIDEO)

    Where are the leaks? I want to see this for myself. Did the Julian Assange Effect scare people off? That was way too easy, and that's sad. Perhaps it was the Seth Rich Effect, a little more scary for many... but not to me personally - better than the JA Effect. Someone should start with one leak at least to make this impact more than just random theoretical claims that we all already assume. Show them. Bring on the leaks, people. Let's get this shit-storm going.
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