• "Intelligence agencies" ENGINEER global control through these very means, it's well documented elsewhere for decades. They claim to be 'investigating' something 'deep cover' and are thus 'untouchable' and everyone fears them - meanwhile they are entrapping people they 'partially like' (read: Find USEFUL one day) so they can control them better later on. This whole corrupt system is attacking itself now and is crumbling before our eyes. The B/W pillars of FreeMasonry were warned long ago by those they fear the most: "Appono Astos"! If they have evil intent, they will (naturally) eventually expose themselves or expose each other by their very nature of corruption and fearmngering/control through extortion. If there is good intent, such as survival and the desire for a better life or simpler times, such as basic wholesome nudity, much like nature itself (clothing on animals? how ridiculous!), then such acts are simply free and natural and not meant to harm anyone, and they don't... but this is the opposite of the actions of these 'alphabet agencies'... 180 degrees in the opposite direction!

    WTH?? Epstein "BELONGED to INTELLIGENCE" per Acosta???
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  • Enjoy your sexuality, at any age. This 11 year old drag queen does. So are laws gonna change to match? ...or is this a blatant hypocrisy cash grab? Does anyone really understand human nature yet besides me?

    The most oppressive thing against humans are other humans - thousands of years worth of proof. Hypocrisy always been exploited for fun and profit by other humans. Say one thing, do the other, create laws, refuse to enforce some while over-stepping others. It's all human nature.

    Currently, this season, it's OK for me to say "He's cute" but not "That's gross". In the 60's my first comment would have got a strange look but also would have been accepted, but my second comment might have had the same reaction as well. (Remember, I was there). Humans were more open and less critical back then, but also were really trying to change the world by opening themselves up more rather than today's world of "See how many people you can oppress at once" through passive-aggressive Social Justice Warrior imposed control under the claim of 'liberating everyone' type of thinking.

    In ancient Greece my first comment would have got a huge grin and head nod in agreement, and my second probably a frown of disapproval. In a Satanic cult like today's Hampstead Cannibals or our local chapter run by officer Michelson of the RCMP my first comment would have garnered a response like "Do you want him?" and my second something along the lines of silence and a stare meaning I'd no longer be invited to 'parties' and would probably have 'no where to hide' if you know what I mean. In Indonesia... well it's 'illegal' to chew gum in public and yet there's an occupation men can obtain where they screw girls and teach them how to suck on them 'properly' before they get married o their wedding night is 'perfect' for the male they are about to marry. (Unless that's changed). We have an all ages (1 to 100) nude beach just one bus ride away from me right now that has no fence or membership required to walk right in and enjoy, and yet if someone comes to my private home front door selling cookies and I'm naked just like at the beach earlier, some kind of 'law' has been 'broken' suddenly. And yet those 'enforcing' such 'laws' are naked under their facade of clothing at the time. I don't even had to get into what 'religions' get into about attire and human sexuality, both public and in secret, do I? You've heard it all by now, I'm sure.

    These are all the same species at different points in time and location and nothing more than that... so what does that tell you about yourself? All these traits live inside you, it's proven to be true... only you are programmed mentally, one way or another, to allow some thoughts and activities to manifest while denying others, for one reason or another... and it's these so called 'reasons' that shape the world around you... which are constantly evolving, shifting, moving, changing... so what is 'real' and what are these 'laws' but a total facade of self denial of our true nature at the core of absolute freedom and the desire to stop others from stopping us from being 'free'... whatever we think of as 'freedom' at the time? And it remains that all language is a highly infectious virus that constantly morphs with each and every sentient being's interpretation, forever.

    Ultimately, we all know nothing, and yet here we are... doing whatever we want anyway, whether in secret, publicly, or somewhere in between in a calm casual manner.

    The moral of the story is: There is none - it's all an illusion - and humans love telling other humans how to 'live' as long as they get some kind of benefit in doing so. You can tag this "evil" or "good" if you wish, but there it is, the truth of the entire hypocritical species. I proclaim no 'solution' to any of your problems what so ever... I see no 'problem' with any of you, other than your global pattern of refusing to accept what I have always known about your kind.
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  • New album by Purple Crow

    Missing persons (80​,​000 leave no trace)

    For David Paulides

    While on a remote forest walk the man described how everything suddenly became quiet and still. A fog arrived as if from nowhere. He felt a presence watching him. He became scared, which is unlike his usually strong self-assured character. He decided to leave the area and a few steps away almost ran into a shimmering part of the air right before him. It appeared like water ripples in a region of space just large enough for a person to walk through, easily, even by accident. He pushed past his fear and observed it. He stuck his foot through the vortex and it vanished, so he swiftly pulled his foot back out and checked it. It was then he knew he had to get out of the area swiftly.

    Over several months he read about thousands of reports of missing persons who leave no trace every year. Absolutely nothing remains of these people, except for the occasional piece of clothing neatly folded on the ground many kilometers from where they vanished, as if mocking the human trackers. No bodies are ever found. Not even one drop of blood. It seems the more intelligent or brave the victim is the more likely their curiosity got the better of them. The extremely rare few sometimes return but appear many days later, many kilometers away, and they cannot remember what happened to them, or they refuse to speak if they know anything at all. Was this man the only witness to such a vortex who was lucky enough to have escaped capture by whatever lurks on the other side?
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  • Rhut Rho, the Russia, Russia, Russia (Jan Brady voice) is looking, empirically, just like what it is....what did Van Jones call it? That's right! A NOTHINGBURGER...dummycrat leadership should keep a bag packed with tropical clothing...
    Google CEO Splashes Cold Water On A Major Russian Meddling Narrative
    We undertook a very thorough investigation
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  • He is no front or Vicor no front to GOD . There is only one JESUS CHRIST ! Pope is wolf in sheeps clothing and not a very good one either a true devil supporting evil!
    The Pope is a pedophilia denialist and an affront to God; allows DEMONS to rape little children
    Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic empire, doesn’t want to acknowledge that countless Catholic clergy are pedophiles who rape little boys. He similarly refuses to acknowledge the recent purge that took place in Pennsylvania, resulting in some 300 child-raping Catholic priests being nabbed as active participants in a massive pedophile ring. That’s because Francis […]
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  • What do you call a scaly wearing the opposite gender clothing? "Drag'n"
    Yes, makin' fun of my #furry friends again.
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