• Massive Google Outage Reported Across US
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  • Blackouts Reported Across Texas Leave More Than 85,000 Without Power and 911 Disabled
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  • Frenchman successfully flies across English Channel on hoverboard.
    I'd do it. Looks like fun.
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  • Are humans still trying to figure out the difference between natural attraction and mental illness? Being attracted to people, sure, fine, whatever you like that your partner agrees to, no worries mate. Do what you will. Believing you're an imaginary creature (that has as yet to be scientifically or even historically proven to exist (or have existed previously)) and forcing others to obey your direct orders breaks so many already existing laws that I can't believe people are even taking them seriously at all to begin with let alone accepting them under the same 'protective banner' as basic natural attraction and sexual freedom and liberty. There is a point where the free will to be yourself clearly crosses over into the abuse of the innocent and unaware purely for psychopathic personal gain (IE: Zealot). If your biological cells are male, but you feel you're female, fine, whatever works for you, no worries mate... but claiming you have 'female parts' when that's clearly a penis you've got there, that's just fucking delusional. As much as I might believe that if I wash my hair today the sun won't come up tomorrow if I do, it won't stop the world from spinning (Phobias, fears, delusions = mental illness). Science is the stable reality we should adhere to regarding sexual research, not belief systems like it's all some wacky religion. Get down to work on the science, humanity. Study this stuff. Study all aspects of human sexuality from the boring to the downright taboo and unknown... but use SCIENCE not belief systems (religion, bad, incomplete, ignorant, incomplete science)! Don't make 'laws' around other people's personal belief systems alone, because that's just a mind-fuck on the entire species and makes the government appear as if they are only doing so FOR THE MONEY and to remain in power and nothing more. It's evil, it's stupid, and it's killing the planet faster than pollution and our own solar cycles. And even if someone is 'mentally deranged', go easy on them, they need help, don't be needlessly rude to them, it helps no one, not even yourself. But really, humanity, stop pretending you are something you're not and then going so far as to believe your own imagination and then going even further to IMPOSE LAWS against the innocent based on your own personal imagination. It's just not healthy for anyone, anywhere, ever.

    Having said all that... Clearly there's several common aspects of human sexuality that humans refuse to face and accept about themselves... still. And that's idiotic and cowardly. Heck most people can't even accept their own bodies or being seen by their OWN FAMILY or the general public while naked. The fear of their own basic bodies is well into the ludicrous level of paranoia... and yet everyone loves sex for the most part. Get over it, humanity! You're ridiculous. The deeper stuff humans can never face will never go away, and until you study them professionally, scientifically, you're all gonna fight over those subjects while you still refuse to even accept the most BASIC natures of your own selves. So, truly, all this other legal crap is just a waste of your time as a species since it's a house of cards with zero foundation anyway. You're building crap on absolutely nothing. Stop it! Figure your basic sexual natures out FIRST, ALL OF IT, not just what some age old dead religion told you is 'permitted'. Everything! Especially what you fear the most! Fear is the mind-killer. Grow up before you worry about 'space exploration' if you're still afraid of each other's nude bodies in any way. All the really deep stuff will pop up once you get past the most basic of your true natures. Only THEN will you be ready to accept the rest of your true natures and sexual liberty... and only THEN will you be able to see what I see about all this 'legal crap' you're all having to deal with in today's broken 'society' that you're all fighting about. Garbage.

    Purple Crow, July 23 2019 (Again and again as always since 1987! - I never get through to you!)
    "TEAR DOWN THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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  • Huge Fireball Streaks Across The Skies Above Florida.
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  • They've CUT A NOTCH on the lower spillway to the RIGHT side, our view, to let the water out in one spot instead of across half the spillway. Same for the left side soon.

    Live at 2:10 PM PST today.
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  • Automatic Record Changers: We used to like them - Technology connections.

    "8:11 Fun fact - Record albums. HAHA I love your posture and expression here. And yes my dad had one of those automatic record players back in the early 70's and the damn thing used drop the needle and hold it there at the lead in groove for about 1.5 seconds and then the thing would release tension (or something) and would scootch across half of the first song on half the records we owned (Bvvvvrrrrrp!), so we ended up doing it manually anyway. Meh, but funny looking back."
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  • Las Vegas Shooting: If Paddock is Dead, Who is Firing These Machine Guns..??

    Once again, the official evidence from the LVMPD contradicts the narrative.

    If Stephen Paddock was dead on the floor in room 32-135, as we see on Sergeant Josh Bitsko's bodycam, then who is firing a machine gun at midnight, and then again, 45 minutes after Midnight?

    Is is the Police? If so, who are they shooting at?
    Is it not the Police? Then maybe "Paddock" didn't act alone...

    Watch this video, then tell us what we are seeing.
    Is there a logical explanation for this, with hard evidence?

    The LVMPD has presented zero forensic evidence:
    a. connecting Stephen Paddock to any of the weapons
    b. connecting any of the weapons in the room to the rounds recovered fromt the victims

    This is preposterous.
    Unacceptable. Absurd. A Mockery.

    It will not stand.

    Active duty and retired law enforcement personnel across the country are demanding that Sheriff Joe Lombardo step down or face impeachment for malfeasance. Why is the Media / Press ignoring this story?

    This isn't speculation. This isn't hyperbole.
    We Are John Cullen. We won't stop.

    We have put forth enough evidence to warrant further investigation by the free press, if one still exists. Why do we not see CNN, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, the NY Times or Washington Post digging in and asking the tough questions?

    If this doesn't spark the mainstream media to re-launch the investigation into the Las Vegas Shooting, they should be ashamed of themselves..

    As the Media / Press has given up on investigating the Las Vegas Shooting altogether, independent journalists are all the survivors and victim's families have to bridge their current situation with an understanding of the true events of that night, and who to hold responsible, ultimately, for this travesty.
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  • This Muslim prick better shut his dumb flap
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  • Hotel Overview
    Stay at this Eco-Friendly Melbourne hotel, located in the leafy eastern suburb of Box Hill, ten kilometers from the CBD and within easy reach of Yarra Valley vineyards and Healesville Sanctuary.
    Best Western Plus The Tudor-Box Hill offers multi-award winning accommodation in Melbourne. All rooms are light, airy and spacious and offer FREE internet plus some have kitchens. The on-site Il Melograno restaurant has a 4 Star rating from the City of Whitehorse and offers a seasonal menu, complimented by daily market specials. The Lounge, designed by a leading Melbourne architect, is a great spot for pre-dinner or after dinner drinks and features velvet banquette seats, outdoor garden decking and a marble topped bar.

    Brand new oversized one, two and three bedroom contemporary apartment development now open across the road.

    All are furbished to the highest standard with pocket spring mattress queen beds, open plan living areaa, full kitchen, dining table, executive desk, FREE high speed internet and lounge area. All have two bathrooms with shower and bath. Washer/dryer. Private balcony. Free parking, 40-inch LCD televisions with Foxtel and DVD

    Other facilities at this Melbourne hotel include modern conference facilities and a leisure centre which is exclusively for guests and features an indoor heated swimming pool, gym and relaxing spa and sauna.

    For friendly service, outstanding facilities and a convenient location in Box Hill, Melbourne, make a reservation at Best Western Plus The Tudor-Box Hill today! Enjoy your stay.
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