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  • Beware of
    Joe Biden’s
    Coming Socialism . . .
    Blockbuster New Book Reveals Details of
    Creeping Socialism and Why the Democrats Have
    Embraced a Radical Agenda for America!
    Joe Biden and Democrats ran for office in 2020 on the most radical platform ever concocted by their national party.

    They want to fundamentally change America with massive tax increases on working Americans and businesses.

    Under the guise of a “Green New Deal,” they aim to slap massive regulations on companies across America — causing jobs losses and economic depression.

    Joe Biden himself said he wanted to end the oil and gas business in the United States!

    Socialists Don't Sleep
    Joe Biden is a cipher. He may not believe personally in anything.

    But the people behind him fiercely are backing a radical agenda, warns Cheryl Chumley, the author of the new book Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall.

    Throw out the words “liberal” and “left-leaning” and even “progressive” — many Democrats today are openly embracing socialism.

    Think Kamala Harris. Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren. Nancy Pelosi.

    Chumley says radical left socialists are now swarming the United States, plotting to crush the patriotic, freedom-loving and moral ideals we cherish.

    They want to force-feed an ideology so extremely liberal that our nation will never be the same again.

    Chumley shows how the far left is using the coronavirus to push their Orwellian socialist agenda.

    They’re using the pandemic to control schools and businesses, as they move to close down churches and restrict our most basic freedoms.

    They want to destroy not only the pillars of our free enterprise system — but our religious and educational and cultural institutions.

    Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, one of their young leaders, says Democrats should create lists of Trump supporters so they can be “held accountable.”

    Hello, this is not your mother’s Democratic Party!

    How did this happen?

    In Socialists Don’t Sleep, Chumley shows how the far left took over the Democratic Party using sly means, pretending to be progressives, social justice warriors, and populists who care for the working class.

    They’ve also done it by smearing and assassinating characters and reputations thanks to their willing accomplices in the media.

    Donald Trump became the most vilified president in history because he stood foursquare in their way.

    Folks, the risks to the Constitution are REAL!

    But just like the climate change treaty and NAFTA, their plan CAN be stopped.

    The explosive new book Socialists Don’t Sleep explains how.

    Chumley’s new book details the sneaky and underhanded ways the secular left has pressed socialism into American politics and life — and why Christians are the only ones who can ride to the rescue.
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  • THIS is why "ETHNIC CLEANSING" was seen in the Baltic breakaway republics of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the breakup of the USSR. CIVIL AUTHORITY was GONE, and in the CHAOS that ensued, different ethnic groups that had been at one-anothers' throats for GENERATIONS went at it tooth and nail, with only the US Troops (sent in by WJC's Administration) to quell the violence. In the WAKE of this breakdown of civil authority, cities across those two Republics were no more than smoldering ruins. DEMOCRATS IN AMERICA.......IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!?!?!!! I do not give a DAMN if it is what you WANT, it is WHAT YOU ARE PROMOTING WITH YOUR BULL$H1T POLICIES AND ACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (SEE article below)
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  • Just a music piece I've recently stumbled across. Trying to get a group of empty-nesters together to play such.
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  • Hello out there! Anyone hate ChemTrails as much as I do? Anyone Old enough here to remember when our sykes were not criss crossed with toxic death from above?
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