• 6th Circle sounds like Kraftwerk practicing dark arts.
    ...I like.
    6th circle
    6th circle. Columbus, Ohio.
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  • German dark sense of humour.

    Hell of a public prank for some free deodorant!
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  • World's weirdest internet music station.

    Commercial free 24/7 non-stop surreal, ironic, dark, ambient, cyberpunk, electronic, neo-classical, experimental, electro-acoustic, drone, noise, everything rare & often disturbing.

    Donate your strangest sounds.
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  • BEAUTIFUL dark ambient gold!

    Underworld Narrations by Asath Reon
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  • How 'rich' is Purple Crow's life on disability?
    November 15 2019 example. See image.

    $71 dollars for food for another 2 weeks is a 'good month'. This means I don't HAVE TO stand in the freezing rain in winter unsheltered for two hours for some food-bank food that's about to expire later the same day.

    $7 in 'Royalties' for my music being played on the radio is 'substantial' and 'ultra rare'.

    $10 in 'sales' for one album is 'awesome'.

    Disability gives me $375 for my 'rent' and the corporation (forced slavery) takes an ADDITIONAL $230 of my FOOD MONEY (from a PWD!) every month (extortion as I have NO CHOICE, other than live on the street, which is 'illegal' (of course) - no one helps and nothing ever changes - crappy old building and I'm told our rent here is 'average' everywhere by the 'bankers' who 'own everything' and run 'everything', of course... the usual suspects).

    Perspective: My rent alone is almost 70 percent of my 'total income' (Disability). I get just over $1000 a month for ALL expenses: Rent, power, food, heating, clothing, phone, internet (last two are mandatory to maintain Government accounts to stay alive on Disability as they went 'paperless' a few years ago and even closed down many of their physical offices), 'Renter's insurance' (Mandatory to the corporation I was forced to rent from), medicine, entertainment or even a few beer (so there's even the SMALLEST reason to wake up another day), everything but transport... we get a bus pass for that separately... and it took YEARS to get one!

    My bank account goes to almost ZERO every single month. Do you see how $7 in 'Royalties' or that one album sale every 2 months makes me smile a little... although darkly? I live in a dark painful reality where a mere $7 for some 'radio play' actually is something to brag about... thus this post.

    Life with PTSD, Social Anxiety, mild OCD and synaesthesia (although the fourth one can be 'fun' sometimes) - All created by my family, society and 'the legal system' over many years of abuse (including court records)! An anti-social hermit's life is not all bad though... but it usually is... mostly due to everyone else bothering me or failing to make life bearable (in other words: NOTHING EVER CHANGES!). Any wonder why I create dark soundscapes? This is not a trend or 'cliche' or 'just for fun because I like it'... it's my life... I can't ever escape it.

    I am "Joker". This "Clown world" created me.

    Please stop asking me to 'love humans' or 'accept them'... that will NEVER happen! What love I have left is ONLY for myself... the one thing I plan to take 'back home' with me one day as time closes in around me, tighter every day. But hey... I made a whole $7 in 'Royalties' today. How nice is that?! ^^ I'm an 'official' musician once again this year!

    By the way... "Entertainment" includes me paying the monthly fee to BROADCAST my radio station into your homes and minds - all 35,000 songs from my years of collecting (and thanks to artists who have DONATED music even more so - seriously, thank-you).
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  • So... when I've been saying this since 1987, publicly, on stage (yes, in my early adulthood), before the internet was even born, when MUFON was first interested in my 'case' before we worked with "X-Files", that this is how the entire world is run... and a lot more... and there's STILL people out there TODAY who honestly think (or 'doubt') that this is INDEED exactly the case... what do you think my 'opinion' is of those people after over 50 years of life on Earth after ALSO witnessing some of this bullshit myself personally?! "Not good" would be at the bottom of the scale.... you can imagine what's at the top! (Blind dumb slave sheeple - utterly useless and in our way!)

    TOP 5 Things We Discovered Inside Epstein’s Private Island!!!

    If you have actual PTSD, medically diagnosed and provable... MAYBE you understand how HORRIBLE my reality actually is... but the thing is... it's YOURS also, because you're trapped with the same monsters I am, and they are REAL... only I know some of their faces, names, patterns, lives, habits, energy matrices, where as you might not be able to spot them (Gnow them) as I do... and I am STILL telling you!... THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!! I've met and KNOWN (in person) SEVERAL of them, first hand! And if I want to 'live' ('This is NOT living') I have to stick to basic generalizations and 'other stories' that are leaked by other people, (such as this report) only! So you can take your PTSD and multiply it by 100 for me! Plus, some of these 'monsters' are not as bad as some of you make them out to be because they are TRAPPED inside the belly of the beast and HAVE TO DO as they are told or they are the NEXT VICTIM themselves! (Epstein knew what that meant - "Royally" so!) No, you probably don't know (or Gno) how bad and dark it really is..... but I've seen it myself. It's worse... and they want me "in their club"... BADLY!... at least they used to invite me CONSTANTLY. You're all screwed and your entire planet (money, government, laws, corporations, military, everything) is FAKE! It's a FAKE system run by what you might chose to call 'demons' and their personal victims, and this is a 'prison planet', more so for those who can see! "I've got one that can SEE!" (They Live)

    I had only 5 nightmares last night. What's your nightly total? Yeah, I have a VALID fucking excuse to be "a little cranky" with everyone!... especially with people's really STUPID BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! (IE: Room-mate and land-lord and neighbour crap). Step aside or be smited for being completely IN MY WAY and OBNOXIOUSLY SO! Get smart, get aware, or STFU and leave me alone with your useless meaningless political and legal fearmongering and endless blathering about 'he said, she claimed', 'vote for me', 'those are the rules', 'stand up and fight with me', 'you're doing it wrong', 'that's illegal', 'you scare me with your tone', 'I don't like your attitude' GARBAGE! IT DON'T EVEN MATTER compared to what's really happening! That's just a FAKE GAME! Go play somewhere else! This is an "ADULT" zone! If you don't want to know the truth STFU and leave me alone! Tell me a good joke instead. I've been through HELL and I'm still writing jokes and playing music. RESPECT THAT.

    *Growling as usual at the ignorant and the ANNOYING*

    PS: *** I'm RETIRED from Freelance Investigative Journalism FOR A REASON! *** My own sake! (Not your place to say otherwise)

    *** STILL - I TOLD YOU SO ***

    Gif: "Mulder is sick of listening to your ignorant shit when he's survived things you can't even imagine."
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  • EIGHT DAYS OF DARKNESS begins at 10:30 AM today! (PST)
    Number of tracks loaded: 8781
    Hours of music: 1168 (48 days)
    Obviously we won't get through it all, but you won't hear the same song twice in eight days, so don't miss out on this ultra-rare event (for your events). :>
    Share the link with friends with strong constitutions.

    Alternate stream link: (Click "Listen")
    (Only time we may be off air is for a reboot)

    If you have a dark request that's on our playlist or just want to chat about dark things, ask about our private Discord chat room.

    "Welcome to my house."
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  • Magazines on tape and the machine that plays them.
    Handheld cassette devices for the blind or partially sighted.

    Begin rant:

    No matter the situation, I do prefer buttons that are finger-sized that match my current body to anything else because I can use them in the dark or at night and even during the day I don't have to stop everything else I'm doing to scroll through menus and nonsense just to get one small important thing to change to stop me from throwing a device out the window. (My technician has seen me do that - it happens - poorly laid out gear and or computer programming gets a free flight on 'Chuck it' airlines - When I had my pool, sometimes I'd even leave the devices on and active for a really glorious death of the horrible creations - That's how important good swift sturdy reliable lag-free easy to find controls are to me - Imagine if your guitar had hidden strings you had to use a dimly lit computerized menu to get to mid-performance just to play certain notes, or if you had to use two hands in an awkward position much like some kind of gang sign just to be able to leave your own house on time or to be able to hold some change from the corner store... that's how ridiculous most modern gear is to me - it seems as if humans are creating more and more things that actually get in their own way (like drop-down menus covering other buttons you were about to press and then hit accidentally instead) than the way things used to be with dedicated reliable buttons that stay in the same place they've always been rather than always jumping about your screen constantly or having to press 12 buttons (steps) to get one simple task that used to take only one click to achieve previously).

    End rant.

    Note: Were you able to find my rant effectively? Does it stand out alright? See what I mean? Nice, large, easy to find, fully separated chunks of 'something' rather than convoluted difficult to access information solves everything. If only computer programmers and device creators could learn this, our world would be a far better place to live. Hint: SPACE is as EQUALLY important as items. Small compact layered CLUTTER sucks!

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  • Five days from now... it begins.
    Eight days of darkness.
    Back up stream link:
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  • One of the darkest albums you'll ever own.
    Purple Crow - I believe in nothing.
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