• Magazines on tape and the machine that plays them.
    Handheld cassette devices for the blind or partially sighted.

    Begin rant:

    No matter the situation, I do prefer buttons that are finger-sized that match my current body to anything else because I can use them in the dark or at night and even during the day I don't have to stop everything else I'm doing to scroll through menus and nonsense just to get one small important thing to change to stop me from throwing a device out the window. (My technician has seen me do that - it happens - poorly laid out gear and or computer programming gets a free flight on 'Chuck it' airlines - When I had my pool, sometimes I'd even leave the devices on and active for a really glorious death of the horrible creations - That's how important good swift sturdy reliable lag-free easy to find controls are to me - Imagine if your guitar had hidden strings you had to use a dimly lit computerized menu to get to mid-performance just to play certain notes, or if you had to use two hands in an awkward position much like some kind of gang sign just to be able to leave your own house on time or to be able to hold some change from the corner store... that's how ridiculous most modern gear is to me - it seems as if humans are creating more and more things that actually get in their own way (like drop-down menus covering other buttons you were about to press and then hit accidentally instead) than the way things used to be with dedicated reliable buttons that stay in the same place they've always been rather than always jumping about your screen constantly or having to press 12 buttons (steps) to get one simple task that used to take only one click to achieve previously).

    End rant.

    Note: Were you able to find my rant effectively? Does it stand out alright? See what I mean? Nice, large, easy to find, fully separated chunks of 'something' rather than convoluted difficult to access information solves everything. If only computer programmers and device creators could learn this, our world would be a far better place to live. Hint: SPACE is as EQUALLY important as items. Small compact layered CLUTTER sucks!

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  • Five days from now... it begins.
    Eight days of darkness.
    Back up stream link:
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  • One of the darkest albums you'll ever own.
    Purple Crow - I believe in nothing.
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  • This is massive!
    8 days of darkness for your Samhain event.
    Curated by DJ Reptoid.
    Oct 24 to 31 2019.
    Save the stream link in case the website goes down.
    Welcome to my home.
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  • I finished another album today. It's really messed up. :> I like it.
    Working on a ridiculous album cover now.
    I'm open to the designs and art of others as I decide what I want to do here. Contact me directly if you are an artist who finds dark surrealism and ambient collage madness 'fascinating'.
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  • As you know, I own THOUSANDS of 'dark' ambient soundscapes which are sporadically heard on my radio station, and as you may or may not know, I sometimes play what I call "Three days of darkness" around Samhain (what you call "Halloween") for 24/7 atmospheres for your 'parties' and 'events', wherever you may be on Earth. That's coming up in about 4 weeks... But... I am also wondering if you have any 'special events' coming up in the next month or so where you'd enjoy a bit of the ol' darkwave streaming right into your home or theatre for whatever it is you have planned? I accept donations for such events and depending on how much direct involvement you need of this hybrid DJ, thus slides the scale of potential offerings. If you are interested in my work (directly or indirectly), send me an email through the station website at or simply type in Reptoid At Hotmail Dot Com where it usually works best for your communications. I check letters every 2-3 days, unless we already have something planned, in which case it's far more frequent. Meanwhile, tune in any time between now and then for the usual chaos of 'everything' to which my lovely station lives up to its name and title. :>
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  • A mesmerizing video of a sleeping octopus shows the creature changing colors in a manner which suggests that it may be dreaming. The remarkable footage was released by PBS as a preview for a forthcoming documentary showcasing the work of marine biologist David Scheel as he studies an octopus dubbed 'Heidi' that he keeps in his home. In the clip, he marvels that "last night, I witnessed something that I'd never seen recorded before."

    In the moment that left the marine biologist amazed, the body of the sleeping octopus inexplicably begins displaying different colors and patterns. Based on the nature of these changes, Scheel not only theorized that the creature was dreaming, but that it was possible to surmise what sort of scene might have been unfolding in her mind. To that end, he first imagined that "she sees a crab and her color starts to change a little bit, then she turns all dark, octopuses will do that when they leave the bottom."

    When Heidi's color changes once again, Scheel explained that this particular pattern "is a camouflage, like she's just subdued a crab and now she's going to sit there and eat it, and she doesn't want anyone to notice her." While he could not outright say that the octopus is dreaming, the marine biologist noted "it's a very unusual behavior to see the color come and go on her mantle like that" as she slept, suggesting that something fairly unique was occurring in the creature's mind that caused her body to react the way that it did.

    TOHLPC: She's so beautiful.
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  • I find this work a fascinating series of fragmented memories and atmospheres.

    Missing Heart Pieces by Black Box Memories

    “Missing Heart Pieces” is the sophomore release of Sumatran Black side-project Black Box Memories.

    Moving away from the mournfully dark atmosphere of "Transmissions”, “Missing Heart Pieces“ is a more sentimental body of work that sees this project move in a more melodically oriented direction.

    Featuring spoken contributions from long lost friends, samples of once forgotten compositions from his own archive and a lot of tape hiss and trembling oscillators, “Missing Heart Pieces” is the soundtrack to the innate loneliness that lurks inside us all.
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  • 1947 was a dark year:
    1. Aleister Crowley died.
    2. UFO crash at Roswell New Mexico.
    3. CIA created.
    4. UN 'partition proposal' went into effect (creating new wars).
    And much more.
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  • Story of my life, how it really is, in a photograph. Solo flight, and rarely even noticed due to the inhospitable environment... but I've adapted... I had no choice... darkness and cold are my best friends who've never abandoned me.

    Source: Araceae - 2019 - Resonance Of The Absolute - Album Cover
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